New retail development at Bell Green



What’s an SGN unit?


At a guess, I’d say these guys.


#facepalm. D’oh!


Glad I wasn’t the only one :smiley:


Things that have merit:

  • brownfield unused site being cleared of contaminants and being brought into use.
  • improvements to parking provision directly for customers of the Livesey Hall - will reduce the flood of cars taking up residential parking spaces up and around Perry Hill and its off-shoots that occurs when there is an event at the hall.
  • introduction of potential new job opportunities for the local community
  • two anchor businesses, ALDI and Scotia Gas Networks

Things that will be debated hotly:

  • is the architecture of gas holders beautiful or horrendous
  • can any Traffic Management Plan address the impact of traffic increases, particularly on Perry Rise and on Perry Hill

Assessment of “Key Facts” as presented at the exhibition.

Stated Key Fact: the development will introduce 160 to 200 jobs.
Scrutiny: Presenters at the exhibition seemed uncertain about how the numbers had been estimated. SGN’s representative indicated that in fact 150-160 SGN posts would be redistributed/transferred from other SGN locations in and around London. These are not new jobs. Discussions with Kier’s representative focussed around ALDI perhaps having circa 55 new personnel working on a shift basis and a prospective new restaurateur having some 20 to 25 new staff. Therefore the number of new jobs being made available to the local community may be more accurately cast at 70 to 80. This number is not insubstantial but is also predicated on a restaurateur being prepared to endeavour to establish a new business in an area not short of a wide range of restaurants & cafes.

Oh - and hello to the new site - good to see a number of “weel-kent” faces here.


The parking from patrons of the Livesey is indeed a problem, however there are already many parking spaces available in the car parks behind already and I can’t tell from the images if the new car park has any space reserved for the Livesey. So perhaps they will all continue parking in the roads?


I take back what I said about cinemas and apologize for my stance on them. We went to the Dulwich Picture House last night for the first time. £19 for two adults and two kids. If someone can replicate this experience then I am all for it. It is a little gem.


Some, don’t have cars to drive so close proximity to shops may be important.
Also, housing becomes more necessary when areas become self contained.


Hi Rachael, everyone, I am new to the forum - recently moved to Forest Hill, right at the bottom of Perry Rise. Just came across this thread and was wondering if there had been any more news around the proposed development? I can’t seem to find anything online. Strongly agree with you, that shops are good only if the development is well thought out and offers plenty of green space and good design. Really not keen on large soulless shopping areas which prove disastrous to build a sense of community…


Welcome to the forum @Alice_Etcetera!


Yes, green space. A nice home for the local starlings, of which we are lucky to have so many.


A leaflet came through the door.


Don’t get that the more retail units the better love to have those shops close by


Well it is nice to have a selection of shops nearby but the sheer lack of imagination and the lack of variety in these shops leaves me cold.
A car park, and Aldi and a SGN unit - hardly inspiring is it, it’s not like it is going to become a destination spot for locals and tourists. Do we really need another supermarket right next to the existing supermarket - is this what we really want or need in our locality? It seems like the easiest, cheapest, most unimaginative option possible.


I would agree but it is a retail park so I don’t need anything fancy there luckily we have dartmouth road for the more inspiring options


Agreed this is not imaginative. With the area under pressure to provide extra housing this should be mixed development at least.


Very good point - surely Lewisham could make up its housing quotas here and avoid taking chainsaws to One Tree Hill and surrounding green space.


In fairness, I do not think that Lewisham intended putting housing next to HOP station, in fact their policy backs this up. It is an unverified neighbourhood plan that proposes this:

The point is still valid though: given a choice, housing development in backland areas or other green space in an urban area is surely less appropriate than on top of a one storey supermarket for instance. I wonder if the council is even able to make a condition for this.


Frankly I’d welcome an Aldi or a Lidl in the area. Both consistently top consumer polls for quality, price and service.


Cinema and a TGI Fridays.

Pop corn, get your pop corn here!