New Safer Neighbourhood Team Sgt!


Dear Forest Hill,

I recently became the Safer Neighbourhood team Sgt for Forest Hill, Perry Vale and Crofton Park and I’ve been out meeting lots of residents and business owners etc to get to (re)know the wards.

A bit of my history: I lived and grew up in Forest Hill and Sydenham for most of my life until recently and really love the area!
I’ve worked in the West End, Lewisham across London on the Territorial Support Group and more recently as the Brockley SNT Sgt and then the Lewisham Partnership Sgt.

I’m really keen that my team (each ward has or will get v soon 2 PC’s as Dedicated Ward Officers and a Dedicated PCSO) tackle issues that the community bring to us.
We are reasonably calm wards but our job is to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour that might blight your lives.

So please tweet us @MPSForestHill @MPSCroftonPark @MPSPerryVale and we will try to reply asap.

In the meantime, when you see me out and about - or one of my fine officers, please stop us and say hello and tell us what you think our priorities should be.

Best wishes,



Massive welcome to the forum Jon, its great to have you here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @SgtBiddle! Great to have you onboard.

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Welcome to the forum! Thanks for making an effort to interact with the local community through various platforms.

Personally speaking the one issue that really blights my enjoyment of living in SE23 is the anti-social and illegal riding of scooters 24/7. It’s my understanding that most of these scooters tend to be stolen and are often then used in the commission of crimes. On a daily basis I see them being ridden on pavements, in segregated cycle lanes, the wrong way down one way streets etc often late at night. I understand there are operational difficulties in pursuing these people but please make combating this nuisance a priority.

Thanks and stay safe out there.


Welcome back to the neighbourhood sir, great to see such enthusiasm.
Look forwards to bumping into you and the troops at some point. The dogs would love to meet you lol

I shall be sure to report anything I see from now on.


Great to have you on board


Hi @SgtBiddle, great to see you in here. I emailed your team previously about a concern I had but had no reply. Is there a way I could contact you privately? Thanks.