New shops in Honor Oak

Does anyone else find that the high street in Honor Oak and the Brokley rise stretch of shops seems to be quite stagnant?

Places like Forest Hill, Brockley and latterly Crofton Park seem to get new quirky and interesting shops/restaurants/cafes coming up regularly, but Honor Oak is still behind. It has so much potential!! And really, who needs that many off licences??

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I would say that it has been far from stagnant but would agree that the other areas mentioned have developed faster perhaps but arguably from a lower starting point (unless you go back 15 years or so but there has been an utter transformation everywhere around since then).

For recent developments, the Brockley Rise stretch has an upcycled furniture shop, antique shop, a health practitioner and a tanning salon. Le Querce has an improved exterior. Honor Oak Park has a new Turkish restaurant and two art related spaces. Mamma Dough on the corner is getting a face lift, a new cafe is coming soon and potentially a new bar too depending on what the Appeal Inspector says.

Don’t forget that Forest Hill Road is also developing nicely with a vape shop, Turkish baths, craft beer pub, new cafe and grocer/juice bar.

Quite a lot going on in Honor Oak!


And another thing. I would contend that what the area needs is a really good off licence! Am still mourning the loss of Mr Lawrence which was one of the best offies in London IMHO.


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Recent Developments in Honor Oak High Street:

Recent Developments in Brockley Rise

  • Pasha’s Ice Cream Parlour
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That’s true Brett, you’re right, there have been some shops opening and hopefully more to come. Was actually thinking a nice greengrocer wouldn’t go amiss…


A greengrocer on Honor Oak Park would be nice as would a posh off licence. It strikes me that there are a number of shops who could take on these functions now without any need for planning or licensing permission.

Over the hill, there is always the Forest Hill Road supermarket who have a great veg and fruit selection and are seemingly always open. I have yet to visit Potager also which is at the bottom of the hill where the hardware shop used to be - this is run by the same guy who has Provender.

ETA: maybe if enough people speak to Tony about veg then he may consider some product crossover between his stores. Just a thought…


Yeah I’m surprised that provender is pretty much exactly the same as hill and Parkes, was expecting something a little different.


Linking in a related topic for Forest Hill:

The high street desperately needs a place with fresh fruit and veg that is open late.

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I too feel frustrated by Honor Oak, it could be so much more as it’s such a lovely area and high street. We need a decent cafe, a bar, a chemist, a butcher, all sorts.

I think it’s been eclipsed by Crofton Park in terms of a destination for eating and drinking. There’s a couple of decent restaurants but nowhere to just hang out for a nice glass of wine or a coffee and cake.

I had high hopes for the deli but I find it doesn’t really sell anything interesting or useful (lots of expensive boxes of chocolates it seems) and we now make the trip to Mr Jones.

I live a stones throw from the high street but rarely visit it instead going to Crofton or Forest Hill, it’s such a shame

I think that Honor Oak is well served for eating but agree with you re the shops. We also visit Jones more often than the deli. Having said that, last time I was in the deli they did have some really nice tomatoes which was a step in the right direction.

Your wish may well be granted soon re cafe/wine bar.

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Sounds exciting. I thought the wine bar had been rejected!

Different site!

Speaking of Honor Oak, does anyone know what the KTK Off Licence unit next to Donde is going to be? Currently going through what looks like a fairly extensive refit. It used to be pretty basic corner shop but presume someone’s paying to redevelop into something else.

That’s great that there’s talk of a new bar opening in HOP. We were very devastated to have been rejected as HOP has some lovely places to eat out but very limited choice in terms of just going for a few drinks. We will definitely try it when it opens and wish them all the best, I’m sure it will be a great success in a great area :+1:

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That is 41 HOP: Cafe by day, wine bar at night is my understanding of the plan. Let’s see.

Oh i see, good stuff. I thought that was a different project on Brockley Rise but either way good to have new stuff opening nearby :slight_smile:

To clarify, 41 Brockley Rise is open for business.
Not sure anyone knows what former KTK will be (next to Neroli) but rumours are a caff, and wine bar in place of current Honor Oak Supermarket was rejected.

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The Provender has some fruit and veg but given it’s not its main business you can’t really rely on it when in search for fruit and veg.