New Southern Railways Weekday Timetable from Monday 6th September

As a result of these changes once again we are losing almost all of the few direct weekday services to and from Victoria via Crystal Palace that were only reinstated in May! This also means that we lose the additional morning and evening peak services to and from London Bridge that the Victoria service provided. Saturday services are unaffected.

Forest Hill to London Bridge (Weekdays)
The 0558, 0628, 0658, 0728 and 0758, 1658, 1728, 1758, 1828, 1858 and 1928 departures will no longer operate.
Therefore except for the additional 0535, 0828 and 0858 departures from Forest Hill there will only be a half-hourly service to London Bridge at 13 and 43 minutes past each hour to London Bridge from 0613 to 2313.

Forest Hill to Victoria (Weekdays)
No direct services at all except for 2312 to Victoria, 2342 and 0012 to Streatham Hill

London Bridge - Forest Hill (Weekdays)
The 0628, 0658, 0728, 0758, 0828, 0858, 0928, 1728, 1758, 1828, 1858, 1928 and 1958 will no longer operate. There will only be a half-hourly service at 10 and 40 minutes past each hour from 0610 to 2340 plus 2328, 2358 and 0035

Victoria - Forest Hill (Weekdays)
Only 0750 and 0820


Just as everyone who was wfh is trying to go back to the office! Sigh. Tbh I think they’ve wanted to him the FOH-VIC service for a while and this is a perfect excuse!


I know - I couldn’t believe they’ve taken away all but 2 of the services they’d only brought back in May yet kept the full Saturday service. I was away for a few days last week and it was lovely coming back from Hampshire on Saturday with luggage and being able to just change once at Clapham Junction. But doing that journey in either direction on a Saturday is unusual so I guess it’ll be back to LO and the Jubilee line to Waterloo again next time!


That’s so disappointing - it is a quicker and nicer way in to work than squeezing on to the Jubilee Line at Canada Water.

I know we are lucky to have the Overground but two trains an hour in to central London is not really good enough for Zone 3 London.


Definitely. It was my main route when I was in the office since the office is in Victoria. And it was a popular service so I don’t know why they think it isn’t necessary. Time to get my bike fixed I think!!


I’m gonna be getting a motorbike soon if this carries on. Nothing serious, just a medium-sized road bike because the firm I’m subbing to is only working on the big RC frames in central London at the moment and driving in and out is out of the question.

I got caught out this morning and took the Overground to Canada Water… Only to find out that access to the Jubilee line from said station was cordoned off so I had to get back on the Overground up to Shadwell, took the DLR into Bank and then down to Borough. Does anyone know if the Jubilee line is stopping at Canada Water tomorrow?

They often used to restrict access to the Jubilee line at Canada Water due overcrowding. It’s a horrible interchange even without the risk of Covid.


Were they random, unannounced restrictions or was it a week here and a week there with prior warning on the platform at Forest Hill?

This is madness :anguished:!
Its going to lead to more overcrowding on the overground when everyone is returning to work and school.
Is there any way we can protest about this??
I’m sick of the daily struggle getting to and from work when I dont exactly live in the sticks!


yes I have to deal with that horrendous interchange if I dont get the Southern service.
Personally I avoid the Overground when possible and stick to southern to connect to the Jubilee line-Guess I’ll have to get into work extra early and home later than I’d like now

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Never Prior warning I’ve been on Overground and they’ve announced at Surrey Quays the train wont be stopping at Canada water due to overcrowding.
Which left a very torturous journey to Shadwell changing to DLR then changing at Bank to Central line and being late for work as a result

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I think complaints to Southern, our MP and the Major are worth doing making the point that the removal of the London Bridge - Victoria train removes a valuable commuting route into London Victoria (especially if the interchange at Crystal Palace between the Overground and other southern services into Victoria is not step free and lengthy; that 2 trains into London Bridge in rush hour is not sufficient (that is an hour gap if one goes out of service); and that the impact of this is more overcrowding on the Overground especially at the busy Canada Water intersection. Which all seems very counter-intuitive when stress is being made on making users of public transport to feel safe and to encourage a return to the workplace.

I will do this, but unfortunately it will take time to have any impact. Crofton Park Station users ran a lengthy campaign on their “Cinderella Line” - with 2 trains per hour into Blackfriars. They did get improvements…eventually.


But what is the excuse or reasoning? The service is well used.

It’s definitely well used, but at what time(s)? I always get the 06:26 service out of Sydenham and the carriage I board is usually occupied by about five passengers after leaving New Cross Gate, whereas the Overground service I caught a few minutes before I’d usually board my Southern departure had a lot more bums on seats than I’m accustomed to.

Do you or anyone have contact details for our local MP?
Ditto who to contact at Southern and how on earth to contact the Mayor
I’m sick and tired of us being held to ransom by train companies.
dont they realise people who live here DO work in central London and the train service we get is appalling considering we are in a London postcode and zone 3.
I’m fuming over this!

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This is what I have found out - but if others have better contacts then do share!

Forest Hill is in West Lewisham and Penge -
Honor Oak is in Lewisham and Deptford -

London Mayor -

Southern Rail - it looks to be an online form: Contact us | Southern Railway. Or send old fashioned mail to:

Govia Thameslink Railway
PO Box 10240
LE65 9EB


Last time I emailed Vicky about our train services (back in March I think) the response came from Paul Codd, Senior Stakeholder Manager, Govia Thameslink Railway.
It seems pretty impossible to find an email address for him, but maybe addressing snail mail to actually him might be a good start.

You need to include your address as the convention is that an MP may only deal with their own constituents.

Phone: 020 7219 2589
Phone: 020 7219 2668 local office
Ellie Reeves, MP
House of Commons

The annoying thing is that we had 6 trains per hour into London Bridge before we got the Overground. In the evening trains also left Charing Cross for Forest Hill.


Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) complaints contacts


If you email Ellie Reeves, I think she will forward your email to the railway company for their comments and let you have their reply.

I am surprised that the interchange at Canada Water is not permitted.
I think that shows a major issue with this particular station. And will put increased pressure on other stations.