New street art at All Inn One


I saw this in person last night and it’s stunningly beautiful. I wish we could have more works like this around the area. After all forest hill has an amazing artists community and this reflects that. Well done to the artist his other works are also stunning.


Just met the artist in the All Inn One. Nice guy.


Thank you for the space, trust and hospitality!

If anyone else in the area has a public space they wish to donate for some creativity we can probably do it and can be contacted at

For a little background. We are non-profit and non-funded organization who paint public spaces for free, but in turn people don’t get to say what we paint, it’s about artistic freedom for the benefit of the community. We won’t allow artists to place up controversial works, and will always steer clear of political - though not environmental concern - violent, sexual subjects. So we don’t submit designs, artists should be paid for that and that isn’t something we involve ourselves with. World class artists work with us because we don’t do this for profit or ask them what to paint. So ultimately what we do is based on trust. We run these projects around our 9-5 to job and do for free in our spare time, the projects are about creativity and reclaiming public space from advertisers, setting to ultimately bringing culture to an area, not documenting the areas local history or promote their business as most people.get in touch for us to do.

Penge the home of our largest project to date now has around 110 simultaneous artworks standing, featuring works from local artists as well as artists from all around Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America. In the beginning most people didn’t trust us to work their spaces, however just a few did and when their neighbours saw what we could deliver if trusted, more people got in touch and now Penge is one of the premier destinations to see high-quality Street Art in London and not only has created a major sense of town pride, it also attracts people from all over the world to come see the art in the town.

So if someone gives us a space, we find someone to paint it based on the space available and who is willing to work it. If people want certain things then it becomes a commission. What we do isn’t about the individuals painting - though we would always hope the owner likes what we produce - it’s about providing a space for the wider community to enjoy the artwork. So it would also be up to us to change the artworks when we see fit. We also look after spots given to us and repair or replace artworks as they become defaced or just fall apart in order to keep things fresh and interesting as tatty or vandalized artworks don’t reflect well on an area, ourselves and most importantly the artists.

Walls we have organised around London have been featured positively on BBC News, ITV & Channel 4 News, Reuters Global News Agency, in the Guardian, South London Press, Newshopper, Croydon Advertisor, the Derry Journal and made the front page of the Huffington Post - none of which coverage we have pursued, it just seems to grab such attention along the way. If people let us do our thing, which is admittedly difficult to establish in an area in the beginning then we can bring wonderful things to an area and in this case make Forest Hill more arty.

If you click on the link shared at the top of this page you will be taken to our website to a page that shows the 500 works we have organised around London and beyond in the last 4 years across business and residential spots. The people of Penge were skeptical at first, but look at the town now! So if anyone has a public wall - business or residential - then please get in touch via but please don’t ask us to promote your business or paint specific things, if you want that find an artists and commission them.