New Street Art - #BrockleyEnvy



I have to admit, I’m getting a bit jealous of Brockley for its new street art. This is going up as we speak:

And these beautiful pieces went up in the recent street art festival:

Edit: This one in Honor Oak Park / Stondon Park:

Street Art in Honor Oak

Don’t be jealous. The Brockley part is named after the “Brockley Corridor”, a Lewisham council term, which includes Honor Oak. In fact, it was a suggestion from an Honor Oak resident which kicked the whole shebang off.

Note that the Goldstar Maxi Priest is in Honor Oak anyway and replaces the artwork from last year. Other local examples from last year include the Chippy shutter art, Le Querce’s shutter and the rather excellent rainy car scene at the MOT garage.


Who can share some some SE23 street art photos? We must have collected some good ones over the years (particularly from the area in and around Havelock)


Good to know, @Brett - I’ll try to get some good photos of those to share here


Then there is the Proud Sow pig, Babur’s wall and the artwork on the wall next to Goldstar too. Just working from memory, there are probably others…


The map here is still showing the results from last year:

Honor Oak is very much part of this.


We’re getting Brazillian street art in FH soon which will be part of The Horniman’s new exhibition in September :heart_eyes:

I think there’s to be 4 pieces in total:

One on D Rd (the white building next to Sylvan Post which is the jewellery studio/school)
The street piano at the station forecourt
Somewhere round the station - not sure what TFL are allowing - I think the preferred option is the underpass
Can’t remember where the other one’s due to be, but I think it might be somewhere at the triangle :+1:


I have to agree, even the SE4 piece which now covers this plain gate.


There was some great street art on the billboard at Paddy Power and another by the same artist on Perry Vale. I thought I had some photos but can’t find them.

Meanwhile, this modest and witty little number, in the style of Banksy, is my absolute favourite. The ‘wire’ emerges from a hole in the wall.


Great video of the street artists at work in Honor Oak, Crofton Park and Brockley:

Remarkably, the whole thing was shot on iPhone


Great work:


More street art coming to Brockley this summer:

Can @Lionel be tempted back to Honor Oak or Forest Hill… that’s the question!


We have something big up our sleeve in Honor Oak planned…

Lionel Stanhope
Scenic Artist



Your work is fantastic, and coming from an old bloke, that means a lot :slight_smile:


Did the plan to have some Forest Hill-specific art (i.e. a mural that referenced Forest Hill and acted as a sort of welcoming mural for our little hamlet) fall by the wayside?

A better welcome to those passing through SE23

Nice refresh by @Lionel:


Browns of Brockley gets a makeover

Via @BrockleyCentral


Luke that art work at browns but wouldn’t like forest hill painted over everywhere with various artwork but thats just my opinion , at certain walls and spaces it looks great as long no overkill


Hate foxes. Love this:


We are just about to do something similar at Blythe Hill Fields.