New street art on Perry Vale

Nathan Bowen’s currently working on a pretty striking piece on one of the neglected billboards on Perry Vale. Living opposite, it’s amazing watching it take shape.


Thanks for posting this @Fran_Payne.

While I love Nathan Bowen’s art in general, it seems people can get away with a lot if they do it in the name of “anti-racism” (assuming that’s the subject of this latest imagery)

Whatever the campaign, IMO it’s not okay for campaigners to treat public spaces as their personal canvas.

Just imagine how 69.9% of Forest Hill residents would feel if Brexit campaigners were the ones daubing slogans over this billboard.

If it’s not okay for one campaign group, then it’s not okay for any campaign group.

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So cool. You’re so lucky. I love Nathan Bowen’s characters. I might have to wander over and have a gander. What part of Perry Vale is this?


Right up by the underpass. He’s been there all morning and has a while to go. I’m a bit nervous to interrupt him but I can’t wait to see it complete! Also his dog is the best behaved dog I’ve seen in a while :joy:


Thanks for fixing the pic orientation @ChrisBeach and yes this probably belongs in it’s own thread.


Ha. Took me a moment to find the dog while looking at the picture at a 90 degree angle. Looks like the pup found the one bit of shade. I’ll take a bottle of water when I pass.

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Look forward to seeing it when it’s done, can you share a pic?

Of course! Trying to do a timelapse too. But I only had the idea after about two hours, so quite a lot of time has already ‘elapsed’.


Does the artist not have permission?

Great idea, thanks

And didn’t Brexit campaign have loads of billboards? Not sure what the comparison here is, and why painting anti racist art ellicits such a negative response.


If Nathan paid to use this billboard (and has permission) then I concede, he’s probably within his rights - although I’m not sure if billboard owners would allow content that could inflame racial grievance.

Does he have permission? That’s the question.

Right, so I don’t think such a critical first reaction is merited. And what racial grievance is this enflaming? It’s not even finished yet!


Okay @PV, lets wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished and not turn this into another long topic of tit-for-tat arguing please.


I might be wrong, and the picture might depict a cheerful and non-threatening bunch of people of all races holding banners with slogans that unite (as opposed to divide/judge/generalise) people. Let’s see.

Ugh. I just liked the painting and it seemed relevant to the previous discussion.

Back in my box.


It’s good that you posted this (which is why I helped by fixing the image, moving it to a dedicated topic and promoting it -neutrally- on the official social channels).

From what I can see, no one wants you to go “back in your box”. I certainly don’t. Your posts on this forum are great.

Update: it occurred to me my first post on this topic came across as aggressive - I have toned it down.


I do appreciate you doing this, thank you


I agree we should wait til it is finished before casting judgement.

I will say though that it really worries me that whilst artists are putting up messages designed to show solidarity and challenge institutional racism, black members of the community will come to this forum and see the first reaction, before some of them are even finished, is one of critique and scepticism of anti racism campaigning. It’s not the impression I would want to set of SE23 so I want to be clear when I disagree.


Rather than making presumptions about the behaviour of a whole race of people, let’s wish for black people to come here and share their individual perspectives.

Whilst you presume they support protests like the ones depicted in this art, I’ve seen evidence that some black people passionately do not. So I certainly won’t be making race-based presumptions here.

There is nothing on this forum that prevents people (of all races) expressing their opinions here, and I don’t like the suggestion that any race might be scared to do so.