New to the area and don't know anyone... how to meet new people!

Hello! I’m a 25 year old girl who has just moved here for work, but so far I don’t know anyone locally. I know it’s a bit tricker in lockdown, however has anyone else found themselves in this situation and have any recommendations on how to make some local friends? Thank you :slight_smile:


Can you say something more about yourself. I have some daughters a bit older than you, they might have some ideas.

In normal times we might suggest a forum meet-up which have worked well in the past, but that is more difficult now of course.

I guess one of the easiest ways might be to join a club or group you have an interest in, as things are starting up again there will be lots of new people joining I expect. Plenty of clubs like a Gin club, Book Club, lots of sports, running, cycling etc.

Another option might be volunteering, though that can be a bit more time heavy during working hours.

Or lastly ask people if they want to join you in activity X, meet for a drink / coffee etc.

Good luck and welcome to the forum and area!

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Sure! Thank you for your response.

I’m currently working in marketing and really enjoy it. I normally love going to the gym but that’s been more difficult recently so I’ve started running, it doesn’t come naturally! I like going on long walks with a coffee and learning how to cook new things. I used to be a gymnast so still take great interest in all things gymnastics.

Hope that helps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you for your kind response!

It sounds like joining a club is a good way to go. I love the sound of a book club, I’ll look into it.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s still running, but there was one - I think it’s run offsite but periodically updated here by @natalieh101

If you search book club on here you will see a few posts about it.


If you are interested in (or would like to try) racket sports, the Sydenham Tennis Club is not far (Lawrie Park Rd SE26), there’s groups and coaching for various levels; also has squash courts (when indoor sports allowed).


Sounds good, thank you!

Hi! We still run our book club every month on zoom but in normal times we meet in the pub and do other socials. Super informal and not stuffy, and a broad range of regulars of all ages. DM for more info if you’d like to join us, we use WhatsApp to sort the meet-ups.

Also, in ‘normal times’ the MeetUp app is really good for all sorts of socials. Good luck!


My running club, Dulwich Park Runners, is about to run beginner running courses and a 5k to 5 mile programme. It’s a really friendly club and a great way to meet people and get more into a running routine.
I can’t work out how to post the flyer here, but this link should help: Beginners Course - Dulwich Park Runners


This sounds really exciting, I’ll have a look, thank you so much!


Hello! I’m 27 and in a similar situation to you and am looking to make more friends locally. The ‘Nextdoor’ app is good and someone has made a WhatsApp group from there, for people to do yoga in a park together for people in a similar situation.

I’d also be up for meeting for a walk and coffee? I live in forest hill close to the station. Not sure how to private message on here but if you’re interested message me your number and we can sort something :slight_smile:


If @amylouisen is happy we can set-up a confidential DM between you both.

As new members you need to be on a bit longer / make more posts before you can start DMs, but you can always answer them if someone DMs you. If you are both happy any of the moderators can set that up for you.


Yes please, more than happy to set up a DM :smile: thank you!


Ok done, you and @Saraha should both see a green box above your avatars top right hand side (if on desktops) and should be able to open and respond - if not please let us know!

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Grassroots football should be starting again soon if that’s something of interest.
Both Dulwich Hamlet FC and Peckham Town FC are all inclusive clubs and have good socials whether you wanna follow the men’s and/or the women’s team.
Both play locally, with Peckham Town on the south circular by Dulwich Park and DHFC a good walk to ED or 176/185 buses.


Pop into your local supermarket and start chatting to the staff and other customers. I don’t live in the area but I’ve worked there for a while and most people are great - so much so that I’d move to the area if finances allowed.