New Train Timetables come into operation on May 20th



On my way into work at London Bridge this morning, flyers about RailPlan 2020 were being handed out that said the times of EVERY SINGLE Southern service will be changed from May 20th. So I thought I’d have a look and see what changes are happening for my morning commute from FOH to LBG.

Heads up for those of you that might be affected… might be worth having a look at the new timetables here:

I compared services now to what they will be on Monday, May 21st. Between the hours of 06.30 and 08.00. Looks like we are going from 8 services down to 6.

The 06.30 is gone (but there is a train 2 minutes earlier at 06.28)

The 06.45 changes to 06.43 (This is my usual train… those two minutes are important at that time of the morning when getting ready!)

The 06.54 is moving to 06.58.

The 07.10 becomes 07.13.

The 07.22, 07.31, 07.39 and 07.52 are replaced with and 07.28, 07.43 and 07.58.

I haven’t looked past 08.00 but I suspect there are similar changes there too…


I noticed last night that they’ve started running Thameslink through trains to Bedford via St Pancras again from Platform 5


It appears between the 8am and 9am time slot there is a reduction of one train from seven to six. But on a positive note the remaining six services have been stretched out a bit. There is no longer the 18 minutes gap between the 0827 and the 0845.


Coming home there is a consistent 18 min / 12 min pattern of departures from London Bridge after 5pm, through until at least 10pm. Whilst not the perfect 15 min gap, at least it should be easier to remember than now. And the big gap currently around 6pm is eliminated.


It also appears train journeys have gotten slightly longer with many between FOH and LBG running at 20 minutes.


Have the journey times from LB got longer because trains now wait at NCG to allow interchange?


Just a reminder for those of you morning commuters on Southern next week… new timetable with a reduced number of services between 06.30 and 09.00. From 15 down to 12.


I’m not sure where you got 15 trains during this period and I had to go back to check. I counted 13 trains during this time period. The new timetable has 12 during the same period. It is quite possible that there were 15 trains in the timetable before 2014 or 2010 but I don’t believe there are today.

The spacing is slightly better during peak hours. Whereas there was previously a 23 minute gap between the 08:22 and the 08:45 (an annoying time to go without trains) the largest gap is now 15 minutes, but there are more gaps of this size.

Breaking down the service changes:
Between 06:30 and 07:00 there will be 2 rather than 3 trains
Between 07:00 and 08:00 there will be 4 rather than 5 trains
Between 08:00 and 09:00 there will be 6 rather than 5 trains

Being generous, there is no reduction in trains running between 07:00 and 09:00. But it is also frustrating that we have to keep on fighting to hold on to the train services we have and limit the losses. It often feels like the London suburban services are an inconvenience to our rail providers.


06.30, 06.45, 06.54, 07.10, 07.22, 07.31, 07.39, 07.52, 08.01, 08.09, 08.22, 08.45, 08.52 = 13 trains… you are correct! hands back maths degree
also blames @starman for saying there are seven trains between 08.00 and 09.00


Last Overground trains.

From Highbury and Islington: 2340
From Canada Water: 0002

To New Cross Gate interchanging with the final Southern service from London Bridge: 0031 from Canada Water.

Final Southern train from London Bridge: 0035 to East Croydon.

Off-peak Southern frequency

To Victoria: x12 and x42 past each hour
To Coulsdon Town: x25 and x55 past each hour
To London Bridge: x13, x28, x43 and x58 past each hour.

Southbound Overground frequency

To West Croydon: x07, x22, x37 and x52 past each hour
To Crystal Palace: x01, x16, x31 and x46 past each hour.

Northbound services to Highbury & Islington every 8 mins.