New youth football team looking for players

Hi all

19 years after helping to set up a youth team for myself and friends, which is still going strong, I am creating a new youth team for the club to play on Saturday mornings. It is for under 14s (year 9 from September) boys and our pitch will be in Dulwich.

We are currently looking for players and are holding trials this Wednesday with a former professional coming down to help.

The trial is this Wednesday at 5:15 in Clapham.

If anyone is keen, please let me know and I can provide details.


Nick Clark

Hi Nick, I would like more details please, my son would be very interested. Could you please email me at

Many Thanks


We are continuing the trials/training every Wednesday and are still looking for new players. We also now have a website, with details on the club’s history and a new’s story on the under 14s manager (me) -‘introducing’-the-u14s-manager

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