No community support for abuse

I am feeling rubbish about the state of or borough, just very upset.
At Canada water station this evening, I was minding my own business listening to a podcast.
A man gets off a train and starts trying to talk to me, I politely decline as I di not know him.
He then gets very aggressive and angry and shouts at me, all the way down the platform shouting back at me.
Not one not person on that platform even speaks to me afterwards, nor even looks at me or addresses me. I just felt useless and embarrassed.
I wish the people of se23 were better than this (yes, many got off at honor oak with me, so I know they are supposedly my neighbours).
Sorry if this isn’t the place for this, but I feel like rubbish in my own home and I thought we were better than this.

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So sorry to hear this.
Its unforgivable if as a lone woman nobody thought to sit with you on the train or make sure you were okay?
Perhaps they thought it was a ‘domestic’ dispute and you knew the guy?
Still no excuse to leave you feeling vunerable and unsupported
do try not to let it get you down.
there are nice people out there


So agree with that!! It’s hard these days and really sad how people like that make others feel. I actually wish I did have super powers to stop such negative behaviour in its tracks. I just don’t understand why it’s so acceptable to behave this way. The idiot well I hope your ok and glad you felt to share this. And are you home safely now ? if so put a good movie. Just be proud on how you handled this unexpected issue well and stay strong!! Sweet dreams :sparkles: