“No dogs” pavement notices

Dotted around Mayow Park:

It doesn’t look like too many people are taking notice though :roll_eyes:

Is that official? Could be the work of a disgruntled resident.


Looks like the night time work of a cat to me.


Or the cricket season about to begin?

Looks like the rule does exist, although unsure who marked the pavement:

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Yep - it’s been an ignored rule for a very long time, but poorly advertised.

In the last year a number of sturdy posts went up around the central area and I wondered if signs would be attached to them, but alas nothing so far.


Tbf, I think most dog walkers in the park know of and stick to the rule. I’m in there a lot with mine and it’s very rare to see dogs in the middle.

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Perhaps as a dog owner you are there more often than me, but my experience is that it’s rare at weekends to visit the park and not see multiple dogs playing in the central areas.

Could well be dependent on the time of the day. Am normally there mid-morning and it’s predominantly clear.

As a previous dog owner we always stuck to the paths with our dog, but there were always a few dogs running on the grass, but usually being called back.
I guess all it takes is one dog with bad recall to poo on the grass then the human users of the park go crazy!


Seems someone went to extraordinary lengths to try and ‘update’ the notices:

(Note the ‘w’)

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