No Fibre Broadband in Forest Hill

Hi All.

I live at Taymount Grange and believe im connected to exchange 12.

On the Openreach broadband checker its now back at the start with making plans.

Is their a large area of Forest Hill which is not able to get Fibre Broadband has anyone got any further information as to why our exchange has never been upgraded. Its so frustrating to Live in Zone 3 of London and unable to get Fibre speeds.

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Am also in a similar situation, down on Perry Vale. The status of fibre broadband has been “within 4 months” for the last 2 years. Very frustrating as I need to work from home a lot, and because I can see the top of the exchange from my lounge window.


I am on Cranston Road with full FTTP so it seems very granular.

Openreach appear not to have a technical solution for multi-flatted buildings - so no luck if you live in one of those.

Forest Hill was a pilot scheme. Its original architecture was FTTC before its change to FTTP…

If your in an FTTC area and your cabinet is live - generally no problems - unless your cabinet is over-subscribed…

If you live in the stretch of road from Waldram Crescent to Perry Rise there are whole stretches there that BT will not connect to - and without explanation.

I tried to get businesses linked to the fibre infrastructure - but gave up with zero results almost two years ago. If anyone has succeeded on that one - please advise.

Its all just so patchy.

We have fibre on Perry Rise - don’t see why they can’t connect a cable. We went with Virgin

We are very happy with the speeds we get with virgin. To download a 1 hour tv programme takes 10-15 seconds. Had sky before and it was dreadful. We are north of the railway and Bt is not available here, near the swimming pool.

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Still no fibre broadband on Garlies Road.

I was looking into this myself the other day as my contract with Virgin is up. There is zero choice, Virgin is the only company offering decent speeds but it is expensive and they don’t really have any competition. I’m very close to the main BT exchange so it’s really frustrating, but I can’t see openreach making any real progress. What’s their incentive to scale this? I guess they will crawl along making profit and we might see something in 5 years time.

We quite often see Openreach vans working on our street (Upper Kirkdale) but I don’t know what they’re doing. We’re with Virgin but whenever someone new gets connected nearby our speed drops and we find if we don’t switch on early in the morning we can’t get connected later in the day. Recently we caught a BT guy who had just drilled into our rendered house wall … we don’t have BT! He was doing it for the house next door.

If people in forest hill do not already have better than an ASDL broadband connection then their only option is likely to be Virgin before 5G wireless broadband becomes available.