No London Overground or Southern services between New Cross Gate and West Croydon/Crystal Palace on Sunday (18th July)

The rail replacement bus service calling at all stations between Forest Hill and New Cross Gate is scheduled to operate every 10 minutes from 0630 to 0020 and then 0034 (5 minutes later from Honor Oak Park) and from New Cross Gate towards Forest Hill every 10 mins from 0600 to 2350 and then 0001.

For stations towards Crystal Palace and West Croydon (except Penge West) buses will leave Forest Hill every 10 minutes from 0613 to 0014 ( 5 minutes earlier from Honor Oak Park) and from West Croydon every 10 minutes from 0600 to 2350 then 0004. Check National Rail website for times from other stations.

For stations towards New Cross Gate the buses will use Bus Stop E on Dartmouth Road (by Stanford Estates where 122 stops) and bus stop HB on Honor Oak Park.

For stations towards West Croydon via Crystal Palace buses will use Stop B on London Road (by Guava Kitchen) and bus stop HA on Honor Oak Park.

From New Cross Gate buses will use bus stop R in New Cross Road.


thank you.
I’m working all weekend so this information is invaluable!


I’m assuming the bus won’t stop at HOP station because I think the road is closed on Sunday?

There’s no mention of not calling at HOP on the information provided by TfL, Southern or National Rail! Perhaps the replacement bus services will stop at different bus the usual ones on Honor Oak Park. I’d recommend checking at the station to see if they know what’s happening!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t know the road is closed! We’ll be getting buses stuck on Devonshire road or something :grinning:


I’ve done some more research and the P4 which also uses Honor Oak Park isn’t showing any status alerts on the TFL website for tomorrow either! So I’ve tweeted TfL asking them if they know what is going on in relation to that service to see if it gives us any clues!

I’ve also tweeted Southern Railways advising there is a roadworks sign advising the road where bus stops HA and HB are situated has a road closure tomorrow and asking them to confirm where the rail replacement bus services will therefore stop. If I get any useful responses I’ll update this thread!

A few years ago, when there were other road closures, the rail replacement buses for Honor Oak Park station used HC (Stondon Park) and HH (Brockley Rise/Chandos). I’d assume they’d do the same this time around maybe.

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Thanks Flora. That was my gut feeling too as it would be easy for the replacement bus services to follow the same route as the 122 from Forest Hill to Stondon Park and then carry on to Brockley as they would do normally!

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@fran Southern Railways have responded as follows:

Okay so I’ve triple checked and the info online about these works is very minimal (no actual detail grr!). I’ve talked to the bus company and if it is the case that the road is closed then we would typically stop at bus stops on Stondon Park instead. However this is something that would need to be confirmed in the morning as we’re not aware yet of the nature of the road closure and quite how inaccessible the normal bus stops will be

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Thank you so much for following up!

A bit late in the day but I found that Southern Railways sent me a message at 12pm to advise that their duty bus manager had got back to them to advise they are using the Stondon Park bus stop for the rail replacement bus services! However before I could post an update another message came through to say that about an hour ago (about 3pm?) they were advised the buses were now stopping at the stops closest to Honor Oak Park Station again so it would appear Honor Oak Park (the street) has reopened!