No London Overground services on our line all weekend / No Southern Victoria service on Saturday/ No trains from Crofton Park or Catford!

It doesn’t look like a good weekend to travel from our local stations!

From weekly TFL email received this morning:

On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 February, there will be no service between Highbury & Islington and New Cross/Clapham Junction/Crystal Palace/West Croydon, including Friday and Saturday Night Overground service. This is due to infrastructure work. Please use alternative rail, Tube, local or replacement bus services. The replacement bus service will not operate during Night Overground hours.

The Southern service between London Bridge and Victoria isn’t running in either direction on Saturday either so that leaves just 2 Southern trains an hour running to London Bridge, Norwood Junction and East Croydon but strangely on Sunday there are 4 trains an hour when the Victoria service never operates anyway!

Any finally no trains from Crofton Park or Catford in either direction this weekend either.

Trains are running from Catford Bridge to London Bridge/Charing Cross and Cannon St.

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Can someone explain to me please about the london bridge trains as I have to be in work both Saturday and Sunday and will be relying on this to connect to the Jubilee line.
On Saturday its mentioned there will be 2 trains per hour going TO and From London bridge … can anyone enlighten me as to the times (ie; past the hour ) of these two trains
so I can ensure I dont miss them…I looked on Southern rail site and that made it appear trains are running as normal.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you :pray:

Hi maxrrocks. You don’t say which is your local station but according to both Southern and National Rail websites the service to London Bridge on Saturday will leave Forest Hill at 0643 and then at 13 and 43 past every hour and on Sunday at 0748, 0805 and then at 18, 31, 48 and 01 past each hour until 1231 then 46, 01, 16 and 31 past each hour

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Thanks Chris!
Its Forest Hill so your info helps immensely.
I couldn’t get much sense out of the ticket office this morning all they said was two an hour !

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The Sunday service is operating 4 trains per hour as they do not run to Victoria. They’re timetabled to terminate at Crystal Palace as normal.

For whatever reason, Southern have decided not to run a shuttle service to Crystal Palace on Saturday.

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