No overnight rail service on New Year's Eve



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So disappointing about the trains this year! Has anyone taken the buses on New Year’s Eve before? We’re debating going out but unsure of the reliability of buses and don’t want to get stranded or stuck with a huge cab fare!


I regularly come home on the night bus. The 176 to Forest Hill. They are very reliable. This New Year’s eve the 185 bus will be running all night as well.


Based on a single experience from a few years back I would strongly recommend to avoid changing buses south of the river at all cost, but instead try to get onto a bus as close to where it starts as possible as they fill up quickly and won’t stop on their way to pick up people. I would avoid the likes of Waterloo, Elephant & Castle or Brixton.

Depending on location taking a train from Charing Cross to Catford Bridge and bus or Uber from there might be a better option.


The 185 is starting from Vauxhall Bus Station every 20 mins. Best bet is to go there.


Working purely on the assumption that for the most part the majority of this forum’s users are in their early thirties and upwards, who goes out in central London on New Year’s Eve? I’m down in Chichester with my parents and brothers and I’ll be getting slaughtered with my dad, brothers and uncles tonight. Anyway, safe travels and a happy New Year.


Last time we got trashed the following morning my mother gave me a kick and asked me if I could wake my father up as he’d passed-out on the sofa. He’s a big, powerfully-built man and a deep sleeper and my uncle had to fire a heavy-duty elastic band into his face to wake him up. I laughed so much I nearly threw-up.