No Train services between New Cross Gate and CP/East & West Croydon *Updated Sat 26 Sep @ 1115*

From National Rail website:

Rail replacement bus services calling at all stations between New Cross Gate and West Croydon and are scheduled to operate in both directions as follows:

From Forest Hill towards New Cross Gate every 10 minutes from 0540 to 0120 (5 minutes later from Honor Oak Park)

From Forest Hill towards West Croydon every 10 minutes from 0553 to 0113 (5 minutes earlier from Honor Oak Park)

From New Cross Gate towards Forest Hill every 10 minutes from 0540 to 0100

SATURDAY UPDATE: As per comments from @fran below (thanks Fran) the buses to New Cross Gate are getting severely delayed due to the traffic queuing for the petrol station in Brockley which will probably have a knock on effect on all the replacement services! :unamused:
For those living on the borders of SE23 who have to travel today you might want to consider other stations in the area that you’re able to get to without relying on buses! E.g. Catford Bridge for trains to London Bridge (4 per hour), Cannon Street (2 per hour) and Charing Cross (2 per hour), Crofton Park, Nunhead and Peckham Rye for services to Elephant & Castle and Blackfriars (2 per hour) or Penge East and Sydenham Hill for services to Brixton and Victoria. There are also 2 trains per hour from Crystal Palace to London Bridge via Tulse Hill which takes 28 minutes!

From Forest Hill towards New Cross Gate: every 10 minutes from 0630 to 0020 (5 minutes later from Honor Oak Park)

From Forest Hill towards West Croydon every 10 minutes from 0653 to 0003 (5 minutes earlier from Honor Oak Park)

From New Cross Gate towards Forest Hill every 10 minutes from 0640 to 2350

For stations towards New Cross Gate the buses will use Bus Stop E on Dartmouth Road (by Stanford Estates where 122 stops) and bus stop HB on Honor Oak Park

For stations towards West Croydon the buses will use bus stop B in London Road (by the Guava Kitchen) and bus stop HA on Honor Oak Park

From New Cross Gate the buses will use bus stop R in New Cross Road


Thank you for this! On the Southern site it says to use Overground services and on the TFL site it says to use southern services. So thank goodness I can come to se23,life to get the right picture. Thanks Chris!
Although seriously this has been going on for years. What is there left to fix???


If anyone is thinking of getting the rail replacement service to NXG don’t bother. You could probably walk quicker! Queues for the petrol station in Brockley mean it’s at a standstill!


Thanks for the heads up, shortly heading to Whitechapel so will allow myself a bit more time.


It took me half an hour to get from HOP to The petrol station in Brockley before I gave up and got off the bus. Then walked past 6 buses stuck in traffic before getting on another bus by the Brockley barge. No traffic between there and NXG. Yet.


It’s not about fixing, it’s about preventative maintenance. This line through Forest Hill/HPA is one of the most busiest in UK. Can either put it out of action for a weekend or just let trains derail in to Beadnall Rd. We whinge when it’s closed but we have it about the same as other areas of the UK.


Earlier I saw two rail replacement buses at the same time bunched up on London Road going to West Croydon.

This is an interesting perspective. It always seems to be south of New Cross that’s affected though. Is there a reason maintenance doesn’t affect services north of New Cross as much?

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Sorry but I see this completely the opposite.
This is by the far the most unreliable service in terms of “maintenance work” I have ever experienced.
It’s unacceptable to take the line out for an entire weekend, with zero explanation, on a regular basis.


I agree - when do you ever see the Central Line or Northern Line suspended for an entire weekend? It just doesn’t happen.


Other lines have disruptions but nothing like what we see here.

As with other service providers like Thames water, TFL and southern must just know they can act without consequence in Lewisham.


They could at least provide the dates that the line will be closed, for say the next six months.

Oh and some kind of explanation other than just “engineering work”. What exactly is this issue that has to be worked on constantly over several years? When will it be finished? What is the plan to prevent this disruption from happening in the future?


Rarely - but it’s not the whole of our London Overground or Southern line that is suspended either! London Overground is operating from New Cross Gate to Highbury and Islington and Southern are routing services to Crystal Palace and Caterham via Tulse Hill.
Just for comparison this weekend the Central Line has been suspended between Queensway and Ealing Broadway/Ruislip!

TfL do provide line closures for 6 months ahead but from past experience it does change:

National Rail used to provide planned changes for several months ahead but for the last couple of years it is rarely more than a couple of months ahead:

The National Rail details also automatically feed into Southern’s website:

I found this page on National Rail which may explain some of your query:

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I noticed the same mis-information too and agree. Thank heavens for Chris !!!

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The Waterloo & City Line (The Drain) always seems to be out of action for a planned closure.

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Thanks for this.

I also found Planned Works Calendar - Transport for London, which does
show a lot of orange. Although granted it’s a bigger line.

Thanks. Although according to that calendar the overground is working today. Which it isn’t so not convinced of it’s accuracy. It says there’s only one weekend in November where the overground won’t be working from HOP (between now and mid dec) so let’s see :grinning: I’ll have to remember to check back here and see if that’s true.

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In fact it already looks like it’s wrong because the Southern website says no trains the weekend of 9th/10th when there’s no mention on the tfl site.

Just to go further with this comparison, looking at the 6 month planned timetable.
That stretch of the central line will be closed once more next weekend, and then not again for the next 6 months.

Whereas our stretch of the overground will be closed on:
Monday to Thursday 4-7th October (after 11pm only)
Saturday to Sunday 9-10th October
Sunday 14th November
Saturday to Sunday 15-16 January
Saturday to Sunday 22-23 January
Monday to Thursday 7-10th February (after 11pm only)
Saturday to Sunday 12-13th February
Monday to Thursday 21-24th March (after 11pm only)

It basically looks like the overground will not be running for a period every month.