No waste collection due to weather conditions

What rubbish!

I hope there’s an interim collection. For us today is black bin day.

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Harrumph. I have a large item collection due today.

Hmmmm… handy excuse… I can’t see them having any “spare” time to do a collection later in the week.

On the one hand, running the refuse vehicles would help break up the snow on the roads. On the other hand, it’s not a day you’d want to manoeuvre around one on a side road.

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And the weather is potentially going to be worse tomorrow and Friday.

Aah we were dreading this… black bin day here too and they are full to the brim ! I’m so glad we recently changed to reusable nappies otherwise… :mask:


You can leave securely bagged rubbish beside the bins and it will be collected. Hopefully the cold will keep the smell down!

It’s just a bit of snow. Bunch of snowflakes! * * * *


Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you choose to criticise them.

Didn’t mean to criticise our hard working waste collection teams - just commenting on the nature of snow. :angel:


Naturally - I think I can see that.

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No collections today either… wonder when they WILL come and collect them? I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be until normal day next week and then they’ll probably refuse to collect the black bins.

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No, walk a mile in someone’s shoes and you are a mile away from them. And you have their shoes!


I just want to thank our local postie. Always, as ever, in storm, sleet and snow …I get my post. And those other poor buggers delivering for other websites in vans…still managing to get up our steep hill and deliver. They are hard pressed and probably stressed and are wonderful.


Maybe add stupid to the list, anyone driving ( non essential travel) on icy roads without winter tyres should get their insurance revoked and their license taken fir two month

…and perhaps with a pair that is a poor fit ?

Perhaps winter tyres are only necessary for Scandinavian type winters, where snow is a permanent winter feature at several centimetres thick.

A mature approach to training with some mandatory lessons for driving in mild winter scenarios such as we have here in London would be more appropriate.

It is fairly simple - a light touch on throttle and brakes with low speeds gets you there. Modern vehicles have all sorts of traction control options.

Indigenous wildlife charging at you here in London is as of nothing compared with deer, reindeer and moose in other climes.

Winter tyres are a bit of an extreme expense for use maybe once every five to eight years. You need to store them, swap them out, and not use them after the ice has gone because they tear up the roads. In countries where they are routinely used, car dealers and garages provide storage for out of season tyres.

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I am not saying that everyone should have winter tyres my point is that cars without proper equipment should not be allowed on the road in certain conditions, you are not allowed to drink drive because it does impact on your driving so how is it acceptable to allow driving in certain conditions which might cause a bigger risk.
Do t even start me on news features off people stuck on motorways for 12 hours, they had plenty off warning yet put themselves in that position and we all pay for their rescue