No water Ringmore Rise

Not sure how widespread this is and Thames Water giving the standard ‘engineers are in the way’ line. Any sign of investigations around the hill?

Same issue Horniman Drive. Have seen a Thames Water van drive past so looks like they’re investigating.

There was an earlier report of a water leak on Honor Oak Road… could be related?

Very low water pressure here on Westwood Park.

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There’s a leak on Honor Oak Road, opposite Katherine Court, with a small rapids all the way down and round to Waldenshaw Road. Thames water say there are 5 water mains in the area and are looking to feed the area in a different way while the repair is made. Apparently once the team is there a fix won’t take long.


Thanks for the pics ForestHull.

Wish I shared your optimism. I’m no water engineer but I fear it will take some time looking at those rapids!

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I have watched how they repaid leaks on TV. They just put a patch on the part of the main that is leaking. It does not take long. But the main busts again.

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Water shortages aside, Ringmore Rise is the Mullholland Drive of Forest Hill.

@HornimanHeights is that you Swagger?

There are evidently 2 quite distinct Ringmore Rise demographics:

And back to topic on the drought:

Which is finally over btw - shower time :grinning:

This is the only username I post under on here; but it doesn’t take an expert to see that Ringmore Rise is where the money is in Se23.