Noise coming from above Matoom restaurant


It is the worst episode of Batman ever.


The citizen is best placed and most incentivised to do the work.

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Great! Where do I get myself a salaried official’s job! Sounds like a right doss!


Thank you- I will pop in and definitely add my name to their list. Lewisham environmental health finally contacted me today so they now also have my details and complaints. Hopefully the volume of complaints will give them some sort of momentum to do something about it.


I don’t think it is a shame; vigilante action often leads to the wrong people being punished.

I can’t agree with you. The incentive of the victim of crime is often revenge, and therefore better left to police, environmental health officers and other enforcement officials. When there is no enforcement by the people who have responsibility for it, then we have a big problem and that is, I fear, where we are in Lewisham at this point.


The term is natural justice - what you are describing is world where inconsiderate scum bags have subwoofers AND pitchforks.

I think we can no longer expect the council or the police to protect our peace so yes , No 1 get organised and work as a team but there is a place for direct action too.

Out if interest when music comes blasting through your double glazing why is it never Bach ?

What? what you are describing is nothing like what ‘natural justice’ means. Did you mean ‘law of the jungle’?

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It’s funny you should say that actually NigelA. I live on South road and my neighbour plays ‘Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit’ every morning at 6am on loop until about 6.45am, on full blast with windows open. I’ve reported it to the council and police, but nobody seems to be able to do anything. Admittedly, the bottom end is lacking but the mids and tops are actually giving me tinnitus. Rap, rock, pop or Baroque - if it’s played too loudly I just want it to stop :frowning:


Mercifully the double bass as we know was not around at the time of Bach. I agree type of music irrelevant, still s first to me though .
Surely that kind of long term nuisance can be dealt with - just not acceptable .

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Surely the law of the jungle is playing music all night knowing that most neighbors or locals will be uncomfortable or afraid to confront them ?
Taking direct action is reasonable so long as not excessive . Why do you think any redress outside of a set of laws that are not enforced counts as vigilantism?

What exactly do you mean by “direct action”, @NigelA?

I think the action you take depends on your resources but open to anyone really .
If a polite request doesn’t work , strong words , mild abuse, threatening to ring their bell at 6am every day , posting their photographs on lamp post with a sign saying “ not wanted “ , parking over their drive , etc all fair game .
Some people if they felt confident would threaten violence or do violence . Although I wouid not recommend anyone steps outside of the law , they wouid have my sympathy.

That sort of thing .

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AR88 I did try to explain what I meant re direct action but it was flagged as inappropriate so can’t elucidate I’m afraid .
I didnt think it was controversial but there it is .
I’m afraid we’re left with put up with it , flag it with LB Lewisham and wait and wait , ponder whether a police service that doesn’t really investigate burglary might get excited about it , reflect on your own intolerance about being kept awake, move, learn to love generic music in 4/4 with exaggerated bass and little harmonic movement or, fill your ears with concrete .
For the avoidance of doubt I’m not condoning self-harm .

NigelA, I am pretty sure your posts are tongue in cheek but can we just steer the topic back onto what we can do without getting locked up :grin:

Has Environmental Health given you an explanation of why they can’t/won’t enforce?

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Lewisham’s website is clear on what they will and won’t do. So I am surprised nothing can be done:

Noise problems we deal with
We investigate complaints about excessive and intrusive noise from:

loud music, TV or radio

parties or other entertainment

pubs, clubs and entertainment venues

building and DIY work at unreasonable times of the day

constant dog barking

car and burglar alarms.

The money for this comes from the same place as providing care for frail elderly, people with disabilities, and children without safe homes. It also shares with local school funding. Throwing money at problems doesn’t fix them but no one is going to shower eldery strangers for free every day unless they’re getting paid. No one is going to spend monday to friday looking after your kids unless they’re getting paid. If you want services you need to pay for them, either throuh taxes or privately.

If you think private rather than government provision of services is superior, this is an opportunity for you to pay for private services, maybe a lawyer could help?

Not a recommendation for this course of action (any kind of litigation is an extreme step) but there’s probably scope for a civil action for nuisance brought by one or a group of individuals affected.

How long do you have to participate for?

More info on this here, @mrcee: Why can't brand new users send private messages?