Noise from Sainsburys Honor Oak Park

Hi HOPers

I’ve a flat opposite the Sainsburys local in honor oak park

I’m regularly kept awake with the trolleys crashing in and out of the Lorrys until the small hours

By small hours I mean 1.40am and during the working week. The noise starts again often at 5am

I was wondering if anybody else who lives on parade has similar experience- and what can be done about it?!

It’s bittersweet as I love popping in, but hate feeling exhausted. I tried speaking with store manager, she assured me it’d be sorted but months on it hasn’t :scream:


There is a condition on the delivery times allowed:

No deliveries shall be taken at or despatched from the site outside the hours of 7 am and 8 pm on Mondays to Fridays, 9 am and 1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, nor at any time on Public Holidays

That is from the planning decision letter for the shop:


Brett the links broken

Ben Morris

Don’t know why that is. Try looking here for decision notice:

Condition 12.
No deliveries shall be taken at or despatched from the site outside the hours of
7 am and 8 pm on Mondays to Fridays, 9 am and 1 pm on Saturdays and
Sundays, nor at any time on Public Holidays.

They definitely don’t stick to that!

Yep they are always carting around trolleys close to closing time around 11pm.

I also think they are very badly run shop in general. Half the shelves are often empty and they regularly run out of basic vegetables and meat. One time I was throwing a party and they didn’t even have lemonade!

Sounds like you should keep a written record maybe with some photo evidence and send it off to the Council.

I don’t recognise this statement. I’ve always found an excellent range of products for a small store. If something is missing, a member of staff (always nearby) is more than happy to check stock for availability. On the very odd occasion they’ve been short it is the end of the day and/or end of the day before a celebratory weekend. I was hardly surprised to find the range of easter chocolate short on the eve of Easter.

Above all the staff at that shop are among the friendliest I’ve found. At the check-out I am almost always greeted with a smile and some chat.

But yes. In regards to out of hours movement I would hope they would be more considerate. If you are planning on starting an objection first to the store than to the planning authority then you should start a log of transgressions. Time, activity and if you can number plates.


I agree that the staff always seem lovely, but I still think it’s a terribly stocked store. I don’t think it’s acceptable to let shelves go empty and make your customers ask staff to check for things out back… that’s not my idea of a well run store, however nice the floor staff may be (and I’m sure it’s their supervisor / manager’s fault, not theirs)

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Wrong Sainsburys Jason… unless you frequent the one in HOP without my knowledge??

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Oh dear. Yes. I got it wrong. I’d read similar complaints about the Forest Hill Sainsbury’s and made the jump in my mind. Apologies to @HOPcrossbun. I can’t speak for the performance of that Sainsburys.

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I live almost above the Sainsbury and have the same issue. I went to talk with the manager but nothing changed. We should document and inform the council about it.

I’ve asked my tenants to take photos - please could you do similar ?

My email is

I’ve escalated a complaint to Sainsburys and the Council - but I do need evidence to put a stop to Sainsburys anti social behaviour

Maybe we should get an ASBO for them?!



dan-cherowbrier, HOPcrossbun & starman - i am unsure as to where you all live exactly, but if you could be so kind as to email me any photos when they are delivering after/before agreed hours… it would strengthen the case

sylvia _sylvia is already on the case, but we need help!


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