Noise on Stanstead Road

Anyone know where the noise around Stanstead road / Brockley rise is coming from? Normally happy to ignore a bit of noise on a Saturday night but I’m trying to get my kids to sleep and my windows are literally moving! …Fantastic to hear that our wonderful local authority does not have a noise team to deal with this.

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We’re on park Rise and I think it’s between here and Brockley Rise. It’s VERY VERY LOUD :sob:

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I can’t believe what I’m hearing ! This has gone on since about 1pm this afternoon ! It’s taking the piss !

Do you know the address? It’s SO loud!!!

I’m the same as you … live and let live and enjoy yourself but this out of order and I can’t believe no one has got the music turned down !

No I don’t . I’m on st Germans rd it sounds like it’s coming from stanstead rd

Yeah I’m all for a party now and again but this is ridiculous…

It’s like Notting hill carnival have turned up ! It’s not just a bit loud it’s ridiculous !

Sounds like it’s been turned down ! Phew ! I can listen to my Val Doonican records in peace now ! :joy:

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It was coming from 233 Stansted road. I’ve logged a complaint with Lewisham online. Given the police are powerless and there’s no out of hours noise team this is the only way of getting any action - …please do add a complaint or I suspect we’ll see more of these!

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Annoying and selfish behaviour. I do agree people should have fun it’s needed but seriously. I had neighbours laughing loud, talking and cheering until gone 1:30am this also included the music but they was louder.
So uncomfortable to sleep at moment due to weather and hard to sleep without window being open I could still hear them. I now personally do not care what the celebration is there is always something each week. Put earphones on do a silent disco!! Find other ways to enjoy after 11am lack of being mindful should come to mind you would of thought maybe? some feel robbed of sleep because they are early risers or light sleepers!!

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My teenagers had ONE 18 year birthday party in the garden: literally the 1st one in 8 years of living in the house. I shut down the music (a bluetooth speaker, not a huge big bass system) at 11pm out of consideration for the neighbours - 2 weeks later I got a warning letter from the council about noise. Someone next door reported me to the council for one party and based on that one single report they managed to send me a letter. There’s a balance between the occasional party VERY VERY LOUD. It will be interesting to see if the council is consistent and sends them a letter, assuming someone complained.


Always the good ones that also gets me annoyed!! Thanks for sharing :blush:

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