Noisy Neighbours

Don’t mind me
I have had enough of inconsiderate neighbours.
I am all for having fun! We do need it to relieve the stress. But my gosh the music and loud talking etc is too much especially on a hot summer nights.
No respect or thought is given whatsoever? Some people just don’t want to listen to that until early hours of the morning.
I could go on but I personally feel fed up of selfishness and I know I am not the only one around here to feel this.
Like I said I am all for finding ways to have a good time we do need it but within reason and consideration… fair is fair right??

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Thanks Dave LOL :joy:
My phone kept changing my spelling!! I was getting quite frustrated then started thinking maybe it’s me spelling it wrong.

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I agree. Boveney Road in Forest Hill has had loud music playing at one end of the road, until the early hours for the past two nights.

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So unfair… like I said I love a music and good company. But after a stressful day or week sometimes peace and quite at home is blissful.
Suggestions maybe go to the pub or club or whatever just keep it the noise down please and thank you!!
I get it every weekend left right and centre. Council cuts backs for noise call outs are none existence and the long process for complaining is a joke. I have tried to be reasonable but the lack of respect back is quite uncalled for. I ain’t looking for trouble or wanting trouble sorry to be a party pooper who does either way. Maybe all the loud noisy people can live together :joy: problem solved!!
Blinking mobile adds words in after I read it back my gosh I hope I am making sense at least and getting the message out to you delightful people? :blush:

O M G that is shocking!!
It’s hard work when it doesn’t need to be like that. Just baffled at how the blind Lady would know what colour you was?.. to say that!
Regardless no need to be racist or trash mouthed. Right now…I am lost for words it’s challenging to reason with such people. Especially who choose to be so mean no matter how nice you are. I think lack of respect is the norm from some now and that is very concerning. I think? What do I know?like many just fed up of such rudeness. The joys of some people hey they seem to think they are superior to others… well that’s what they think :woman_facepalming:t2:

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