Non human visitors & residents of SE23


Second time I’ve seen one of these recently, in my garden

It’s a newt - almost certainly a smooth newt - in case anyone was wondering.

It probably bred in the pond in Dacres Wood, which is about 200m away - I spoke to Lewisham’s Ecology officer about this, and it seems no one quite knows how newts and other amphibians manage to travel such distances from where they breed.

Set me thinking about the size of their inside legs - maybe 5 mm? On which basis, it’s walked the equivalent of about 30 km for a human.


I hope you were not cooking him! :grinning:


Intense frog activity already. Seems a bit earlier than last year? (I have video but the system didn’t allow upload of the MP4 file)


Hi @DevonishForester - if alternatively you pop the video on YouTube or Vimeo and paste the link here, it will show as a nice embedded video on the forum. Sharing to YouTube or Vimeo is supported on iPhone and Android I believe. PM me if I can help further. Thanks.


Excellent thread :slight_smile:


Here are two little baby fox cubs we maneged to rescue from under our neighbours shed rarlier today, where it looks like their mother had died while with them several days ago. While not a particular lover of urban foxes, hearing them crying and nustling up to their mother for food was heartbreaking, even more so as their cries got weaker over the last 24 hours. Many thanks to the RSPCA for their advice yesterday, and for coming out today to help pick them up as well as disposing of the mothers body. After a brief warm up and some food, they’ve been taken to the Fox Project in Kent were hopefully they’ll make a full recovery, and in time, be introduced into some Kent country wilderness.


A sheep farmer from Carmarthenshire I know told me this story once. Somebody saw an unfamiliar van on one of the lanes in the area, with a very strong foxy smell coming from it. After some surveillance, they realised it had been how someone, with a whole lot of rescued foxes from Birmingham, had brought them for a more natural life in the countryside. You probably don’t need to be told the end of the story.


That is a very sad story, even from my perspective (like you, not a particular fan of urban foxes). Foxes belong in the countryside. I hope these little critters have a long and happy existence out in the Kent countryside.


Foxes used to belong in the countryside but there are now many more in the cities. Like us, they seem to prefer it here.





I have been attacked by a squirrel but foxes avoid me. But then I hate grey squirrels.


A grey squirrel once ran up my trouser leg (on the outside) in St James’s Park when I stood still too long. This also once happened to a friend of mine, but at least her name was Eykelboom – oak tree in Dutch.


I don’t particularly like Foxes but I don’t have an issue with them being here - there are far more issues caused by dogs in terms of attacks. We have some on or near my allotment and they keep the rodents at bay and have never seen a mouse. Not sure really why they “belong” in the country anymore than any other urban wildlife - we don’t say the same about birds, squirrels, moths, deer in parks etc.


Been looking through some photos, lots of spiders out and about at the moment!





that middle shot is amazing


Sits on the elderflower tree right outside my window and looks in and talks to us!


Lovely shots Rebecca! Those parakeets look lovely but they sure are noisy!


They are beautiful :blush:



We also had a pheasant walking down the road a couple of weeks ago. I thought it might be injured but when I approached it flew off.