Not impressed at all with the new lamp posts Skanska have installed on Dartmouth Road!

This is such a shoddy job by Skanska, clearly in my pics you can see the paint marks where 2 were supposed to be, but are not!

They’ve just plonked them anywhere & it looks awful!

I pointed this out to @Michael last night while we were having a library meeting & he has reported the one outside my shop on “Fix My Street” so I’ll add my pics I’ve taken today to this.

@MajaHilton & @CllrPaulUpex this might be of interest to you as the lamp posts have LC stickers on them, but it was Skanska NOT LC that done this shoddy job.

That is pretty appalling.

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@pauline can you let me know when did Skanska put them in? Was it this week?

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Maja, it was yesterday (Thursday 14th) they put them in.

@Michael I can’t find your report on “Fix My Street” to add my pics, can you share the link please.

I can’t find it either. Perhaps they don’t like it.

Hmmm, how bizarre!

Can anyone else find this report on “Fix My Street” because it was reported!

Michael showed me when he reported it!

I’ll report it again & share the link if no one else can find it.

Just reported this on “Fix My Street”!

Whoever done an update via here, thanks a bunch. Just saw it :slight_smile:

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Update on this now this morning from LC to say the details have been passed to Skanska & another comment!

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