Notting Hill Carnival 2017


I see your point. But I think the police appraisals speak volumes.

How many police officers tend to get stabbed or injured at Glasto?


I think it is one of those things you have to have been to to understand. Reading media reports, believing the stirrers out there, and the neigh sayers doesn’t post a clear picture at all.
I worked at the NHC for 6 years and neither myself or any of the people working for me were ever the victim of ANY crime.

Statistically, given the sheer volumes in one place its not dangerous. If that were the case South East London would be a killing field in comparison. But how many of us are scared to walk the streets?

I get it, this is a great time to shout down something people don’t like or don’t understand. And for a thread which has seemingly gone way off track, it seems it only remains for the sake of bashing the NHC a bit more.

As Rachael said, no one responded to the question, and as Chris said, it’s not relevant as it’s not SE23… anyhow enjoy.


Haha probably the two most off putting points for most people I know who have been. Valid reasons too.

How many have been today?
Two were last night outside that rough part of town Buckingham Palace


Fair point!
How many acid attacks have their been at Notting Hill Carnival though?

I certainly don’t think it’s acceptable that there are violent incidents at the Carnival but it’s easy to over egg it.
So last year there were 2 million people attending the NHC making it the second largest Carnival in the world after Rio.
43 police were injured, 8 hospitalised which is totally unacceptable.
Glastonbury had 0 police injuries/hospitalisation but only 135000 attendees. Quite possibly if it had 15 times the attendees then a few more bad eggs would have turned up and unfortunately caused trouble. But in a event of 2 million people, the crime rates for NHC are very very low.


Thanks @oakr for this recommendation, I might just give it a go with my kids tomorrow if they ask, though hoping they won’t as It’s my only day off :slight_smile:


I take your points. Regarding this one:

The reason the Notting Hill Carnival organisers are nervous this year is because acid attacks have risen exponentially in London over the last few years and are now averaging more than one per day. And there have been numerous warnings on social media around planned acid attacks at the carnival this year.


Definitely not going after looking at this, maybe another year!


Very easy to gloss over the numbers and just pluck out the negative aspects with this sort of events. Another thing to note is that injuries are anything requiring a plaster upwards. Like the officers last night at Buck Pal. Injured but didn’t require hospital treatment. Openly offered statistics from the police, twisted for a good headline and scary stories.
Glad someone sees this.
And as you say, those numbers are totally unacceptable.
43 arrests so far today. 29 for drugs. Others mostly public order, drink related.

Sounds like a good reason to give it a miss. It’s not for everyone. Totally understand people not being interested, but always sad when people would want to go but are put off by the “danger”

They have been the same about knife crime for years too. But strangely even though we see more on the streets every day, this isn’t the headline grabber. The acid attacks also seem to be associated with mopeds too, would love to see someone managing a drive by on anything at NHC.


I just feel it’s all a bit OTT. Firstly Social media is a bit unreliable, if we believed everything that was said on there we’d probably never leave the house.
It’s fairly likely given that there’s more than one a day that it may happen at NHC. But given there will be at least 2 million people there then statistical that’s the reason why. The chances of an individual being involved are negligible, and even less so a member of this forum.
Again statistically you’re much more likely to be a victim to traffic accident yet we don’t post warnings about that on this forum…


If you do go another year, go early (like with anything busy) it’s nice to get there before it’s very busy and have some sugar cane - wrong for all sorts of reasons but very good!

FYI I lived in Shepherds Bush before moving to SE London (which was viewed as more dangerous than any carnival :slight_smile: ) and had lots of friends going every year who never had any issues. I saw one large fight once (let’s just say all participants seemed willing) and other than that the odd person on a car and people.urinating where they should not be.

I really would not avoid because of fear of crime, I just stopped going as it just was not really my thing (which you might decide also) - but go early on a Sunday or Monday and you (or your kids) will have a good time - it’s interesting to do once at least and better during good weather!


Well I might just head there tomorrow if I can talk the kids around!

Though my 14yr old has told me it would be embarrassing to hang out with his Mum there, but my 19yr old said it would be cool if we went together.

Kids eh!


Video of police attending a situation and having to break…


Taking the numbers into account, and using the number of crimes reported and dealt with in London each day. Using the figures from the custody suites which indicate some days Lewisham has 15-20 guests… With a quarter of Londons population visiting over 2 days, I would say the crime numbers are pretty low.

But garbled but hope I make sense.

Same for me really.

I thought you said it wasn’t your cuppa? Make ya mind up lol
You should go, just approach it from say Edgware Rd towards Harrow Road, you will hear and feel it long before you see it. Can see and experience a lot from Harrow Rd and surro streets, without getting into the crowds.



Did you go?


If so, I hope @Pauline and her children weren’t caught up in this: :fearful:


the Daily Star though? Love how big they have to make the text. :wink:


A ‘mildly acidic substance’ that caused minor skin irritation according to the reports I could find (all on tabloid newspaper sites). Hopefully it proves to be no more serious than a poor attempt at a copycat crime.


Three people were treated at the scene for skin irritation, police said, but did not need hospital treatment.

Sounds serious…


I’m sure having acid thrown at you in London by a stranger, whatever the dilution, is no laughing matter. You want to downplay the violence that occurs every year at NHC (as per all of your posts on this topic), but perhaps show a little more respect and empathy to the victims?

And also those injured in the stampede that (understandably) occurred after the noxious liquid was sprayed into the crowd.