Notting Hill Carnival 2017


Excuse me, but at what point have I laughed at anyone or made fun of anyone. Please stop turning my posts into negatives.

Not sure what your problem is here, I simply quoted what I read and responded. I think the accusations that I am somehow mocking the victims deserves an apology.


From the moment I started this thread it feels like every attempt has been made to put the event down by Chris, with no actual interest in the event, but instead to shout it down and put people off it.

I would be grateful if @moderators could consider closing this thread to put an end to this.


I didn’t go in the end, the kids didn’t want too :slight_smile:


Sadly it seems Chris was right to give us his advice


Shame the most needed advice every year falls on deaf ears… Don’t drink too much.


As the carnival is now over, it may be time to move on from this thread.


or dive too fast, or eat too much, smoke, take drugs etc etc. Life is sooooo boring.


Sadly the single indulgence takes a lot of medic, costs a lot of money (all day every day) and causes lots disruption in many ways.

Also makes the numbers of people treated by medics seem far worse, especially when those treatments are construed as assaults or injury.

Anyhow, as @RachaelDunlop says, it’s over with now. I think some of us have learned our lessons.


Please stop arguing everyone, thanks & :slight_smile: xx


So the final numbers are in… Make of it what you will I guess.
Just thought I would end the thread with the actual numbers. Far from perfect I have to say.

As of 22:00hrs on Monday 28 August, there have been a total of 313 arrests at Notting Hill Carnival across both days (122 on Sunday and 191 thus far on Monday).

The breakdown of arrests on Monday are as follows:

12 x assault on police
1 x drink drive
5 x criminal damage
22 x public order offences
50 x offensive weapon or pointed or bladed article
5 x theft
58 x drugs offences
6 x sexual offences
5 x GBH
6 x ABH and Common assault
2 x psychoactive drugs offences
19 x other offences

0.016% were arrested of the estimated 2,000,000 in attendance (1.6 persons per 10,000)

Worth noting that reported violent crime across the capital 16-17 was 2.357% or 188,520 of the 8,000,000 residents.And drugs 0.359% 28,714


Some odd calculations and numbers being bandied around there. The BBC estimates “About a million people usually attend the carnival,” not two million - perhaps attendance has declined from years ago where it was estimated at 2M.

You cannot compare full-year crime stats with two day’s worth of crime stats. Apples and Oranges. Also can’t represent number of arrests as a proportion of people, as a person can be arrested multiple times.


lol I know you can’t compare, no one day or one event is the same, but when just using statistics, it can paint a skewed picture. Or can cast some light on the actualities of the event. When calculating the risk etc. Like I say, just posting figures and stats.

Numbers always vary widely.

Right will leave it there. :slight_smile:


Given the massive police presence I am amazed there are any arrests. I did lol at the drink drive arrest, how stupid do you have to be to drink and drive with most of the Met right there.


Takes all sorts lol


Perhaps its the sheer size of the event, but Notting Hill Carnival seems to get an awful lot of attention when it comes to drugs and crime. Reports on number and types of arrests are easily available post event. Is there some bias against the event and the community it represents?

The bank holiday weekend also hosts South West Four, the electronica festival in Clapham yet somehow this drug-infested event gets a pass from media attention.

Then there is this…

Tweets like this imply some connection to a drug bust nowhere near the Festival. Could you imagine if this happened at the start of July?

In the run up to #LondonPrideFestival, officers have this morning seized what is believed to be a 100 kilos of uncut cocaine in #NowhereNearLondonPrideFestival

London Pride is probably the only real comparator event to Notting Hill attracting about one million participants. Where is the concern expressed concern about drugs and crime there? Where are the headline statistics?

"Nuff from me on this cause if I were reading this myself I’d be suggesting a move into the new “place with no name.”


I like this game:

In the run up to #LondonMarathon, officers have this morning seized what is believed to be a 100 kilos of uncut steroids in #Bristol

In the run up to #Wimbledon, officers have this morning seized what is believed to be a 100 kilos of uncut strawberries in #Waitrose


In the runup to #Movember police uncover 100 unused razor blades.



… in a beauty salon.


In the run up to #Easter, officers have this morning seized what is believed to be a 100 dozen of unpainted Easter eggs in battery farm in #thecountryside