Novels set in and around Forest Hill?


I am currently reading a novel set in the Loughborough Junction/Herne Hill/Camberwell area (my old 'hood) and am wondering if there are any novels set in the Forest Hill/surrounding area?

A Google search hasn’t returned much, apart from the non fiction/historical variety.

Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions?


I know a series of ‘dark urban thrillers’ set in East Dulwich and Peckham, if that piques your interest. Only available on Kindle, though.


Alice Castle’s recent novel ‘A death in Dulwich’ is set in… actually you can probably guess.

For something slightly further afield, but perhaps more noteworthy, wasn’t ‘The Buddha of Suburbia’ set in Beckenham and Penge?


Part of one of David Lodge’s novels (Therapy?) is set in a thinly disguised New Cross. And there’s The Penge Papers by Brian Wright, though that’s not on the face of it a novel.


Does not fit into the “recommendation” requested.

However Rumpole of the Bailey frequently mused on his success in the case of the Penge Bungalow Murders.


I can’t remember where this was recommended to me, but I read earlier this year. Crime thriller / police procedural which opens in Forest Hill and centres on events on an evening in a fictionalised London Road.

For a local, it’s an interesting read.


In one of the Mo Hayder books (Birdman) i think, the main character lives inbetween Honor Oak and Brockley train station.


Excellent… cheers!


99p on iBooks!


I thought about Recommendations but this isn’t really a trade/service request/recommendation though so though general would be better…


There is of course “The Saga of the Greyhound” a book never written but would make a good read😃


I am a great fan of author Mark Billingham and his novels about Detective Tom Thorne.

Many of his novels describe areas in South London including Forest Hill, Herne Hill, Brockwell Park and Lewisham.


How about the “Burning of Catford Dog Stadium” another local tale never written.

Although in this occasion it might allegedly be the case that this un-timely incident prevented the Stadium from being listed.


Great I might read that unwritten book after I finished with “Sinkhole Mania”


Yep, seconding Mark Billingham’s and Mo Hayder’s novels. The latter’s are the early novels from the Jack Caffery/Walking Man series, although I think he moves to the Bath area (as did the author) in more recent titles.


Sarah Walters ‘The paying guests ‘ is set on a Road off of Dog Kennel Hill & Ruskin Park. A bit off the route I know, but a very good read & very creepy.


Michael Frayn’s Towards The End Of The Morning has the lead character living in a district called ‘SW23’, which is said by some to be based on FH/HOP, which was popular with lower-end editorial staff at the time. But most of the action takes place on Fleet Street.