Now gone - Kitchen/bathroom gadgets


These are all now gone to new homes

Having a bit of a clear out, and have the following items looking for a new home. They all work but don’t have boxes/instructions. I’ve had my money out of all of them so no price tag attached - just feels a waste to send them to be recycled for their components.

Small Kenwood food processor (with 2-3 blade combos)
This is probably well over a decade old. It’s the midi size - probably about 1.5l or 6-8 carrots grated! I’ve been given a newer model so finally giving the old stalwart up.

Electric air-popping popcorn maker
Just don’t make enough popcorn to make it worthwhile!

Babyliss bath spa
This is a bit out there. Basically, you hang it over the side of the bath and it makes jacuzzi like bubbles. I bought it as a bit of a laugh to turn a friend’s paddling pool into a hot tub quite a few years ago. It’s powered so has a huge safety transformer as you’re using it near water. This one I do still have instructions for.

They are all carry-able and can be picked up from my flat in Wood Vale between Friday and Tuesday next week (22-26 Feb). Please PM if you’re interested and I’ll give you more details.

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Hi, I don’t suppose you still have the food processor available? I dropped the bowl of my mixer on the floor and it shattered and it’s too old to get replacement parts!
Thanks, dani


Hi DanuDanu, I have one that is available for free should applespider’s not be available still


Hi all

Mine have now gone. I’ll amend the topic