[Now Open] EV Charging Stations coming to BP Stansted Road

The BP forecourt on Stansted Road has been undergoing something of an upgrade, with a large “EVpower / mfg group” sign behind the parked vans:

The petrol pumps have currently been removed, perhaps to be replaced with some EV capable chargers, noting BP aquired leading EV charging company Chargemaster in 2018. I guess they are finally looking Beyond Petroleum.


Noticed this last week! (Much to the consternation of a group of people trying to push a broken down car into the garage…). A great idea! Although I wonder how it’ll work if people need to charge for extended periods of time…

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As charging technology moves on, the need to leave a vehicle for hours to get a charge will be less.
People need to realise they don’t have to charge to 100% every time and a fast charge to 80% is actually better for keeping the battery healthy.

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I’m sure the Gregg’s and shop will benefit from that. Quick 30 minute lunch and food shop that gets the motor a quick boost as well.

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Yep, this is encouraging - pod-point recon a Tesla Model 3 (2021) can be charged from 20% to 80% in 20 minutes on a 150kW charger, so charging technology is already getting quite good.

Source: Tesla Model 3 (2021) Charging Guide | Pod Point

Just needs the other manufacturers to match this ability and to have more high kW chargers for non Tesla cars.

True, from the same site the BMW i3 charges no faster on 50kW than a 150kW supply, though that’s a 2018 car.

The great thing about technology is that it tends to ‘trickle down’ and get better / cheaper, so if the market leader is able to offer faster charge times today, other cars should hopeful do the same over the next years while even faster charge times are offered at the top end.

Infrastructure maybe a different issue with Tesla owning it’s own supercharger network (some are up to 250kW?), but it’s got to be in the interests of charging stations to be able to charge quickly and so increase turnover - but not too fast as Gregg’s still needs a look in :wink:

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What is the cost for charging a battery?

Looks to depend quite a lot, but the same pod-point page gives estimates:

Obviously actual prices will vary, and cost per mile will depend somewhat on the car, but it seems cheap compared to hydrocarbons…

Being fairly local to the BP station, we received a letter through the door a couple of weeks ago, from the contractors.
They say they are fitting Electric Vehicle Chargers and new fuel pumps, and are due to finish by 26th March. No further details on how many chargers vs pumps or anything I’m afraid.


Can you book a charging slot in advance?

Now open (actually opened on 2021-05-19T23:00:00Z):

Four 150kW chargers, using certified 100% renewable electricity, 39p/kWh.

Source: MFG EV Power – Motor Fuel Group

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