[Now Open] Stansted Rd/Brockley Rise water leak



Well, there goes another one, almost in the same spot as the last time it went.

Thankfully traffic delays are minimal at the moment.
Perry Hill last night, now this…

Perry Hill last night.

Low water pressure

Cheers - that explains the shrieks from OH upstairs in the shower.
We have low pressure and an ageing boiler!

ETA - when was the issue at Perry Hill?


Perry Hill is ongoing at present. Small road closure in place. Was suspected gas disruption last night too, but think they ruled that out.


Appears the actual leak is right under the corner of the pavement at the junction.
Should provide some interesting traffic disruption.


I drove past it about 45 mins ago, traffic not that bad then but imagine it’ll back up later today.



Watch that space. I imagine when they start repairing the cones will have to come across the Catford bound lane, possible temp lights and alternate flow.

Hopefully it’s a quick and easy fix they can do over night. And before Monday. (not asking much lol)


Brockley Rise backing up badly due to it being a single lane at the junction with Stansted. Workers doing an assessment of the road now, so looks like work will start soon. Assuming they were planning how to implement closures etc.

Tankers also staged outside the BP on Stansted Rd, so looks like the supply will be interrupted in the not to distant future.


Water tankers now distributing water by the Charcoal Grill on Brockley Rise, and Brockley Rise is no NO LEFT TURN onto Stansted Road.


There is always some who won’t obey directions - see the latest clip timed at 12:35


Just come slowly down Brockley Rise - not a lot of action aside from the tankers but plenty of vans and men about and traffic is backing up. My water supply is very limited, just enough to kick the boiler into action but the shower isn’t working.
I am also filthy after my allotment site day so currently l am looking at an inch or two of warm water in the bath…


Guessing they will get started this evening when there is less traffic. Hope you enjoy that bath lol. I have left the tap running in my kitchen to remind myself of how lucky I am lol


Just been to have a shower, after reading this, just in case! :grimacing:


Haha better safe than sorry. Hope you have not made @Foresthillnick too jealous with your shower.

Hopefully it will have minimal disruption.


Just saw a 171 going past honor oak station so assume they are being diverted


Sigh, pressure was low and now it doesn’t run at all here (Waldram Park Road).


Jam cams show Brockley Rise closed both ways to traffic at Stanstead Road junction at 19:25 Saturday evening.


Oh wow, wasn’t expecting it to be affected up that high. Did see them surveying around the church at Sunderland /Stansted junction.


Got no water running on Stantead road… how i’m i going to flush :roll_eyes:


An old phrase from the French - garde à l’eau! - adopted in Edinburgh before the days of sealed sewer systems - might be the call for a few hours.

Gardy loo became the anglicised spelling - is that where our modern loo comes from ?