[Now Open] Stansted Rd/Brockley Rise water leak



Guessing at some point the Catford bound lane will switch to the other side and use the turn right lane to allow room for the repairs.

Sorry to see it is causing so many issues for people. Fingers crossed they can get the repair done ASAP.



Perry Hill is closed, with diversions up Perry Rise, I assume the leak up there is contributing to problems in SE6.


ALL buses 356 (as normal), 75’s, 171’s,181’s and 202’s can be seen passing AIO - all very strange.


Yup, with two so close together they are really under pressure to offer bottled etc. Sadly it seems they have chosen to base themselves in Catford, not much good for people at this end of the issue.

Really becoming a joke now though.
Spotted a few more leaks being worked on while I was out today too.


Our low pressure from this morning has gone to no water at all this evening. Does anyone know how long they will be around handing out water? Do they set that kind of thing up to be 24 hours?


Usually open until the supplies are all out. Then replenish and start over.
Worth dropping them a tweet if you can, usually pretty responsive.




Appears to be a drive in and take what you need affair.

2/4 #SE23 #SE6 Our teams have been working on
three burst pipes in your area and progress hasn’t been as fast as we’d like. We’ve
needed to dig down to reach our pipes and valves located on busy sections of
main roads.
3/4 #SE23 #SE6 We’re working as quickly as we
can to restore supply but unsure of when this’ll be. We appreciate that this is
frustrating, but please bear with us, and check back here for updates on
our progress.


Three fails in such proximity that it may be of significant concern. Especially as we have had no real sub-zero temperatures for a few weeks.

Hope it is not a pre-cursor to wider systemic failure in our area.


Does make you wonder, especially given that two locations have both had 3 failures each within about a year.


21:05 - post-dinner clear up and water pressure is very much improved on Perry Hill.


Here you go, a reply from Thames Water re the collection point.

Hi Michael, we’ll keep the bottled water supplied until the water is back up and running - Charle


Bad news, slight delay…


#SE update continued.

We’ve had to stop work fixing a pipe on Stansted Road
while we assess an issue with a nearby electricity point. We’re really sorry
for this delay and we will begin work again as soon as it is safe to do so.


My water seems fine this morning - seem to come back to normal pressure at some point last night.


meanwhile, for those of us still without water, advice is to avoid spicy food and don’t stand too close to people!! Oh, and if you have a car, you can obtain emergency water in Catford! Tough shit for those who have to walk - pun intended!


They really do need to find a location closer to Brockley Rise to do a water drop.

I think the idea would be on at them on Twitter and wait for them to react.

The update says the electricity issue is resolved now so they are getting started on uncovering the pipe. Expected to take most of the day, minimum.


Thames water didn’t tell me there was a water drop in Brockley Rise! i was told behind the Civic Centre in Catford. I know these are 1st world problems, but in a 1st class city like London you don’t expect the 3rd water mains burst on the same site in 6 months! No spicy food for me today!


Where do you get this camera view of Stansted Road? Is it possible to drive from FH to Catford on the circular?


I feel for you Philippe, and all other car drivers, but when you actually have no water, i couldn’t give a &%$£ about the traffic. Have a lovely Sunday though : )


There isn’t one, that is what I am saying, there needs to be.
Only thing that was on Brockley Rise was tankers, which I assumed at the time of seeing them, would stay in situ, apparently not :frowning:

Yes you can currently drive to Catford from FH. Will get the link for the cam. Its been on and off recently though.