[Now Open] Stansted Rd/Brockley Rise water leak



Well maybe I want to drive to get water in Catford - though about it?


good luck! and like i said, have a great Sunday. We all deserve it.


Here you go @Philippe
Lights are currently still out I believe.


Have a massive problem after water leak ,getting vibration thru all pipes if water is on,phoned tThems water unable to do anything until Monday,told them I an a Dialysis patient said go to hospital won’t give me a name or number or person to talk to totally piss of


Have just driven past Brockley Rise eastbound on South Circular without problems.


By all accounts this is quite common as pressure returns to the system. If the supply has been returned fully, running your taps for a long period should solve it.

Good luck


Sorry to hear that. And i thought i had problems, but maybe i am being selfish. Someone from Thames Water should be visiting you, personally, to give you water! I hope your issues are sorted out very soon.


I Just bought £15 worth of water at the local shop on Stanstead Rd. I don’t have a damn car, why should i go to catford for water … thames water you guys are wasting my tiny money :tired_face:


Thanks Warren it’s still happening even though we have no water ?


Is there any kind of estimation of when this will be sorted? I really feel for people without cars trying to get water at the moment.
We’re going swimming so we can all have showers :shower:


Sounds like it’s going to be quite a while due to the delays overnight.
Would plan not to have water for most of the day to be honest. Even once it’s repaired it has to be tested etc.

Thames Water have been very good with their updates at least, worth keeping an eye on Twitter and asking them from time to time.

Hope I am not going on too much on this thread.


So a bit of an update for you all.
First up, the electricity… Last night while digging the footpath began smouldering, work stopped and it was discovered the water had gotten into the electrical system, causing it to blow a something or other. See pictures

Next, they can’t currently manage to stop the flow of water, so are heading further up Brockley Rise to try and shut some more valves off to try and stop it flowing. Can’t start repair til that is done.

2 pumps working flat out having no effect on draining the system…

Believed to be a 7 inch main under the join in the road and footpath which has gone.

In short, gonna be a long one.


To be fair to Thames Water, I am sure, are working their Boll$%Ks off to sort this out. This is a 1st world problem for most of us . . .except for Watchman45 who has proper, serious issues. I hope this gets sorted out for the people who really need this.


I have requested / suggested that they use the pavement area on the corner by Smallworld Coffee as a water collection point. Saw way too many people walking from shops with water.


I noticed yesterday evening that the road was closed on Perry Hill (Catford Hill?) just before where it meets the South Circular near Hogwarts. As I was driving I couldn’t notice whether it was water, electricity or whatever. Anyone know if it’s still closed?


It was due to water. Works were still ongoing when I passed yesterday. Like Brockley Rise, its the same location roughly for the leak, again!

I did see traffic entering and coming from Catford Hill yesterday, which is more than it was doing on Friday.


update from Thames Water: water bottles outside jenner Centre. I don’t think this issue will be solved until at least tomorrow. Tip reminder: avoid Spicy food, and close contact with people!!


Does anyone know anything about the seeming water tankers outside Maplin / opposite the Railway Telegraph?


I get the impression they were used to drain the system initially, as they are not the usual distribution tankers.
When they were I Brockley Rise, they were taking water on. Probably sitting there waiting for the right main to be turned off so the can come back and drain it.


Got a text from Thames Water with apologies that they won’t complete the work on Stansted Road today…