[Now Open] Stansted Rd/Brockley Rise water leak



Thanks, NewGuy. I spotted this afternoon that Perry Hill is closed (“Access only”) from Big Sainsbury’s northwards.


Why can’t they put more water stops closer as I don’t drive and can’t walk far due to sciatica



Do you need assistance ?

Happy to pick up and deliver water to you.


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Oh there seem to be hope for Stansted Road - Thames Water saying on Twitter that it may be fixed this evening.


When would u be able to pick and drop me some


A very kind and community-spirited offer, @jgdoherty :+1:


Do you need some this evening ?

I can also do 08:00 onward tomorrow morning.

Please private message your address to me.



I would prefer some tonight asap please not sure how to private message



Please reply to this message with your address and once I have it we will ask @ChrisBeach to delete it.

Can @faultythinking or @anon30031319 confirm there is water available at Brockley Rise and/or Maplins ?



Believe it was at The Jenner mate, but not been there recently to confirm


I could get bottles from Thames Water an hour ago on the parking of Jenner Practice


Thank you @Philippe and @anon30031319


Got it - @ChrisBeach can you remove the address please.




Hi thank you and sorry for any inconvenience I am causing you


Well done @jgdoherty !!


Thank you @ChrisBeach.

@maggie2016 - no problems - will be with you probably in the next twenty to thirty minutes.



Thank u


Thank you for the kind man who just came to drop me some water due to my sciatica


Jenner Car Park still has plenty of water.

Thames people I think are planning to depart soon and probably leave the bottled water.

They expressed confidence that the service interruption is coming to an end and that supplies will be fully restored within 1 to 2 hours.