[Now Open] Stansted Rd/Brockley Rise water leak



I get the impression they were used to drain the system initially, as they are not the usual distribution tankers.
When they were I Brockley Rise, they were taking water on. Probably sitting there waiting for the right main to be turned off so the can come back and drain it.


Got a text from Thames Water with apologies that they won’t complete the work on Stansted Road today…


Thanks, NewGuy. I spotted this afternoon that Perry Hill is closed (“Access only”) from Big Sainsbury’s northwards.


Why can’t they put more water stops closer as I don’t drive and can’t walk far due to sciatica



Do you need assistance ?

Happy to pick up and deliver water to you.



Oh there seem to be hope for Stansted Road - Thames Water saying on Twitter that it may be fixed this evening.


When would u be able to pick and drop me some


A very kind and community-spirited offer, @jgdoherty :+1:


Do you need some this evening ?

I can also do 08:00 onward tomorrow morning.

Please private message your address to me.



I would prefer some tonight asap please not sure how to private message



Please reply to this message with your address and once I have it we will ask @ChrisBeach to delete it.

Can @faultythinking or @TheNewGuy confirm there is water available at Brockley Rise and/or Maplins ?



Believe it was at The Jenner mate, but not been there recently to confirm


I could get bottles from Thames Water an hour ago on the parking of Jenner Practice


Thank you @Philippe and @TheNewGuy


Got it - @ChrisBeach can you remove the address please.




Hi thank you and sorry for any inconvenience I am causing you


Well done @jgdoherty !!


Thank you @ChrisBeach.

@maggie2016 - no problems - will be with you probably in the next twenty to thirty minutes.



Thank u