[Now Open] Stansted Rd/Brockley Rise water leak



Nice one. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner; hadn’t spotted the notification.


At last, I can take my shower… water is back on :sweat_smile:


Back here too \o/


One of the latest tweets; about the pressure still maybe not being full for everyone (e.g. Higher level flats)


Road still closed though.


Water pressure pretty much back to normal for us this morning.

Around the junction there are a lot of barriers up and the temp traffic lights aren’t working. Thames Water guys on-site say that the traffic lights are the responsibility of their subcontractors. Expecting chaos - and a very long queue to get out of Cranston Road.


Round objects.

Thames Water hold the permit for the road closure and they are ultimately responsible. Their obligation is absolute and they must ensure all signs and traffic control systems are in place and functioning.

They cannot off-load their obligations in any way.


Who is Round and why does he object?

(Oldies but goodies)


The current state of play with the local leaks.
Both roads still closed, better progress on Brockley Rise than Catford Hill for sure.

Currently no temp lights on Brockley Rise, traffic under human control.

And some quite creative use of spray on Catford Hill, not sure if it’s official terminology.


And just in case we did not know what was happening - picture four says it all - “Leak”.

Great report.


Haha yeah, seems like a eureka moment… Found it… LEAK! Then packed up and went home.

Noticed Brockley Rise is all one big hole now but backfilled within a few inches of the road level. You know these things better than I, but guessing another day or two til it’s open again.


Brockley Rise Junction appears open.


Buses still reporting being on diversion, anyone know different?

Nice turnaround though I have to say.


The 171 I used this morning wasn’t on diversion.



Cheers Dan, that’s a relief.


I still have vibration thru my pipes ever time the cold water is turned on called,they’ve said nothing they can do will TRY to send someone next week nobody’s wants to own this problem rant over​:rage::rage:


If you keep the cold tap turned on for 2-3 minutes, does that help? Or is it no better? Maybe try turning on the cold gently at first, then gradually open it up to full.

It sounds like you’ve maybe got air in the pipes and it just needs a bit of time to clear - but I’m no plumber.


Tried all that doesn’t work ,everyone this it’s linked to my new water meter,started after they fitted it last June ,my bills on the new system are over £400 more then the old system,had a plumber look said I was using water like a tower block :rage:


Had the same problem after Smart meter installed, Noisy pipes particularly the feed to the tank in the loft. But the worse bit of all was sludge or mud was pushed through the cold feed to the boiler and sat behind a valve seat that wouldn’t seal ?issing water out the overflow, and the boiler engineer had to virtually strip the boiler down to get to the valve to renew at my cost, Thames water didn’t want to know.

Bloody hopeless.


As the issue in the original post is now resolved.