Nuisance Neighbour

Hi all, just wanted to see peoples opinion on how to deal with an extremely annoying neighbour here on Devonshire Road.

He lives just opposite Benson Road and it looks like he seems to be running a car washing business from his front drive way / roadside, but for some reason decides to blast music out whilst cleaning the cars, at levels that literally shake the windows in our house… There are also big breaches of social distancing measures as he is meeting multiple people every day, shaking their hands and interacting with them for long periods. Today multiple cars turned up and were blasting extremely loud music, doing burnouts in the street (black tyre marks are still there to be seen) and revving their cars at levels comparable to a jet engine. All this went on for about 4/5 hours.

Multiple neighbours have gone up to him to ask for the music to be turned down only for it to go back up again minutes later. I have reported this individual to the police before for the noise level and we saw a van of around 5 officers come and speak to him a couple of days ago, but as soon as they left he turned on the extremely loud music again. This is not a one off event but a continuation of long running anti social behaviour.

He needs to be dealt with, not only because he is a nuisance to the whole neighbourhood but because now he is a danger to the health of others. Is there anything that can be done…

This sounds horrible. I suppose if neighbours continue to call the police, eventually something may happen. It must be a matter of being persistent. Easy for me to say sitting here; harder for you and your long suffering neighbours. Not sure what else you can do - but do please keep us updated on how this goes. Low life behaviour is on the rise and it could effect any of us so it would be good to know what works and what doesn’t.

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You need to contact (environmental enforcement) and report him. Then they will normally ask you to keep track of time’s and record if possible.

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Tried this, emailed them about it 3 weeks ago and they said they would get back to me in 2 days… Nothing yet

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Try making phone calls. A person’s voice and direct questions (when?) is a lot harder to ignore than an email.


persevere !

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If he is breaching social distancing on a regular basis daily I would report to the police, I suspect you won’t get much from the council at present. I think there is an online form you can complete for the police - maybe ask your neighbours to as well to add weight - they may prioritise based on number of reports.

I would contact the council to be clear and keep a log as mentioned above and ask your neighbours (respecting safe distances also) to - if many of you complain and have logs of behaviour it would likely have more weight behind it, maybe try to contact your local councillor as well.

Good luck I really feel for you, people like this just have no respect for anyone.


Thanks for the advice all, will try ringing the council tomorrow. Actually got a pretty quiet day today!.

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Got a response from the council after following up with extra info and a video. Shame they dont really want a part of it even though the car noise is only part of the issue.

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Next stop: complaining to a specific councillor?


Yes, and keep on at the police too. This may not seem like a great big deal in the scheme of things, but I think it totally is. It’s the ‘broken window’ theory. If louts do this sort of thing, drive at whatever speed they want when they want, smoke and deal drugs in the street, ride scooters on pavements, go wrong way up one way streets, jump over barriers at train station in full view of passengers and staff etc, etc, etc, and nothing happens to them, it starts to erode our way of life and normalises a culture of transgression.


Any in particular you would recommend?

And yes going to keep up with this. He seems to now be running his business later in the evenings / night…

Found his “business” page online which clearly shows him working all around London at this time but don’t want to “expose” him here yet

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sorry, no idea. Out of interest - is the set-up new? Because there you really have 2 unrelated complaints which should be dealt with by different avenues - (A) the appropriateness of the business during the lockdown and (B) the appropriateness of the business being run at residential premises. I feel that (B) is stronger because rules for these issues have been around ages and are more established.

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Just got this tweet so you are quite right, keep onto the police.


Yes it would be nice to see them doing something about villains like this this lot as opposed to making life hard for law abiding tax payers who sit down for a while in the park on their own or in a family group. I suspect the latter group represents the low hanging fruit.


I’ve actually seen this guy on my evening walks - at the beginning I just though he was a guy washing his car until he seemed to be washing it every single time I went past and then I started wondering if it was some kind of business. Seems there are three issues with three different routes of escalation - you rightly outline 2 but it’s probably still worth pursuing on noise. So the council for the noise nuisance and change of premises and the police for the social distancing breaches. And actually if he employs anyone in addition to himself, HSE is responsible for enforcing social distancing in the workplace.


Oh Is this on the junction of benson and Devonshire road? I walked past these 3 guys yesterday. They were blocking the pavement with the car and equipment so I had to walk in the road.

Yes it is - it’s quite annoying to have to walk around them.

Yes I have seen this too. I think the coronavirus lockdown limits getting anything done, along with the Council being expected to do too much on ever decreasing budgets. Guidance is given on a government website:

But, do contact the council and the Councillors and possibly a solicitor. I think there may be a range of issues: noise, running a business on the public highway, as well as social distancing (although this is at best vague). It is pretty thoughtless and dismissive of residents that this activity is continuing.

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