Nursery around Crofton Park

Hi all,

I have just moved back around the area and looking for nurseries for my 2 year old around crofton park (one with spaces from September) it would be good to hear of recommendations, as well as any 'No Go’s.


I would fully recommend Cheeky Monkeys. My two kids loved it. Lots of activities, great home cooked food and a wonderful family feel. They also do drop-offs and pick-ups to some of the local schools including Stillness and Gordonbrock.

I’m not sure if this is too far, but both our kids went to Busy as Bees which is in St Saviours Church Hall on Brockley rise. It’s about a 10-12 minute walk from Crofton Park, and 4-5 stops on the 171 or 122 bus which are pretty regular. If you needed to commute in you are less about an 8 minute walk from Honor Oak Station.

Our kids only did half days (they do full days now), the main person in charge Margaret has moved on I believe however it is still good I understand.

Seedlings a minute or 2 further down has an excellent reputation but when we looked (a long time ago now) had a very long waiting list - in the current situation it might be worth a call to see if they have spaces.

Good luck!