Nursery Recommendations?



We’re looking for a local nursery that might be able to look after a 9 month old from the start of next year. We are on a couple of waiting lists already, but am interested to find out whether anyone has any strong recommendations (or ones to avoid)?

Thanks in advance!

Creative Stars Day Nursery?
Honor Oak nurseries open at least 8-6?
Recommended shops and services in SE23

Our two went to Faith Montessori on the South Circular. Both loved it and staff were fantastic. We still see them out and about and there are always hugs from the kids to the “Aunties”.


Our daughter attends Townsend Montessori that she has done so from seven months (she is now three and a half). She seems very happy there and although the staff turnover can be high I understand that this is not uncommon in nurserys. The other parents are friendly and like minded.


Likewise, our little boy has been at the Townsend Montessori for the past 2.5 years (leaving next month as he moves up to ‘big school’ - his words, not mine) and I’d echo Chipcity’s comments.

Billing and organisation seems a bit haphazard at times, and we had a few tears when favourite key workers left through turnover, but overall he’s been very happy there - which is the main thing in my book.


Whereabouts are you? Our daughter goes to Young Oaks on Ackroyd Road (upper floor of the Ackroyd Centre). The nursery hasn’t been open long and is an offshoot of Tiny Acorns down in Crofton Park. Would really recommend you take a look - we’ve been very happy with everything there.


I looked around Young Oaks (before I settled on Townsend Montessori) and they refused to let me know the prices. She said she could tell me but I couldn’t write them down as management wouldn’t allow it - needless to say I didn’t sign up!


Whereabouts are you?

We live on Westwood Park, but I work on Havelock Walk. Rubadubs therefore the most convenient, although noone has mentioned them yet…

Thanks for all the recommendations!


Our daughter has been attending Rubadubs for almost three years now and absolutely loves it. The staff turnover has been minimal during that time, its well run and she has learnt a lot and has a really good circle of friends. I cannot recommend it highly enough - if it is your closest then you should certainly keep it in mind - we chose Rubadubs over all the Honor Oak nursery options.


I guess people see things in different ways - we thought it was fair enough that they didn’t want to share their full price list for different days and sessions. Pretty much all of the nurseries we looked at had some sort of sliding scale where it was cheaper per day if you were going 4 or 5 days a week rather than one or two and they would only give you a cost for what exactly you wanted.

A few people we know send their kids to Rubadubs and all speak highly of it. Seems really well-run and staff turnover is apparently amazingly low for the industry. They do tend to have a long waiting list but hopefully you’ll be lucky.


I didn’t realise that - we saw 4 nurseries in HoP/ FH and they all gave us price lists or had them on their website. Why would they need to be secretive, do you know the reason?


I put it down to the fact that it’s early days for them and prices might change. @Emily, if you don’t mind, I will mention to the nursery manager that it was something which put someone off (no names, obv). They’re generally very open to feedback.

I think Pitta Patta is the most transparent - they have their day / week rates for different age groups on their website.


I don’t mind - I told her at the time that it was an odd policy!

Townsend, Seedlings and and Oaktree all have prices on their websites too


I guess you just have to hope they’re not charging different people different prices!


I’m completely biased as my wife is a childminder, but have you looked into that option instead? More flexible than a nursery, competitively priced and low staff turnover!


Haven’t looked into childminders yet, but definitely an option to consider!


There is an amazing new nursery in Forest Hill called, Creative Stars Day Nursery. They just opened so have plenty of spaces. We are sending our 2.5 year old son there for half days (8-1pm) but they also accommodate a full day from 8-6. He is really loving it - which of course makes us very happy. :slight_smile:


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Hi there
Does anyone have any local nursery school recommendations for my niece, who will be three in March.
Thinking Elliot Bank in Sydnenham or Kilmorie in Forest Hill, but keen to hear feedback or personal experiences.


Grace’s Day Nursery on Perry Hill is a reasonably new nursery. It’s been refurbished and has a nice airy layout inside, and there are 3 Directors who seem nice and have experience in running the sister nursery in Ruxley Manor (which is Ofsted excellent).

The small out door area is perhaps a compromise they have had to make, and they still have some agency staff though there is a good core of staff and they borrow from the Ruxley site from time to time.

It’s also open from 7 to 7 which is great for flexibility, and they were open between Christmas and New year when a lot of other nurseries are closed.


Hi Lucy, My daughter is in Rubadubs and very happy with it (they also had a recent Ofsted inspection and were rated good). The staff are all very lovely, caring and communicative. My little one has come on leaps and bounds in confidence since she started 6 months ago. It has the added advantage of being very close to the station. You could also ask to join the SE23 mums facebook group. This question has been asked there loads of times, and typically parents tend to be quite happy with whatever nursery they pick, so it is really about setting up a visit with your nearest ones and getting a feel for whether you think your child will be happy with the type of setting.


Rubadubs latest ofsted report they were given a 4. The worst possible ranking and inadequate. I don’t even have kids and even I know that because it was the talk around the coffee shops lol. Having said that I know a mate who has a kid there and he doesn’t have any issues.