Nursery Recommendations?



They’ve been reinspected since then and are now rated as a 2 (Good).


Keep in mind what is good for one person’s child is not necessarily ideal for another. Some children are better in more structured environments, some less so, some handle anything.

It probably also depends on whether you want 5 days per week or less, and full days or just mornings or afternoons, or roughly where you want it geographically.

Dependant on your child’s age, school nurseries might also be available. Dalmain and Stillness both have such nurseries. Dalmain only did 1/2 days previously but now does mainly full days with some 1/2 days.

Both my sons went to Busy as Bees in St Saviours Chuch Hall on Brockley Rise which has lovely staff but is (or was) comparatively unstructured compared to some. quite a few children from here end up going to local schools which is also nice. I used to only be mornings but I think they do full days now - not 100%. They then both went to Dalmain Nursery which is ok, not exceptional, but ok and a nice safe environment and has had a nice mix of children and parents both years which helps.

I remember Seedlings looking very nice when we had a tour, but it had a 1-2 year waiting list - not sure on it now.

Childminders are another option - quite a few around - am happy to put you in touch with one I know well, though not sure if she has room or not now.

Good luck!


Hi Lucy, my son goes to seedlings and he loves it too. I was initially torn between seedlings and two other nurseries which we got placements for but I decided on Seedlings because I felt the key workers were very warm, caring and friendly and I preferred the smaller social settings. The managers are lovely and I like the fact that they address all my questions big and small very promptly.