Odd handwritten JW letter

Anyone else had a letter through the door, handwritten, from the Jehovah’s Witnesses? Just received one this morning and I would like to opt out of further communications - like I would for any other unwanted spam. Suggestions?

I had a letter from a developer offering to buy my garden this week. I just chuck it all in the recycling :slight_smile: - nothing from JW though.


I had one, theoretically from somebody off Dartmouth Road, wanting me to join Nextdoor.
Why would i want to post on a local forum?


We had one a while ago, binned it and not heard anything since.

I suspect responding might lead to more communication than less, and as this seems manual I suspect you won’t get too many.

There is a centre I believe on Brockley Rise just after Dalmain School so w good chance it came from there if you did want to ask to be removed from the mailing list.

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Just after some advice about how to stop offensive communications really.


I get them too but just recycle as they’re only once in a while. Wouldn’t consider them ‘offensive’ though.

I have a vague recollection of getting one ages ago – I just stuck it in the recycling and they haven’t been in touch since!

Yes we had a hand written one. I wouldn’t say it was offensive. Just hand written as more of a personal touch to a photocopied one.
It’s like any other marketing through the door so just recycle and as said above. If you are offended write or speak to them asking to be removed.

Sure, not offensive per se - badly worded on my behalf, just prefer not to be proselytised or pawed by a cult tbh.

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We’ve had an entire book put through our letterbox. Twice. Not JW, but something about ‘the great conspiracy’.

They’ll be pulped by now.