Odd Job List - local handyman and gardener

I’m a local handyman and gardener who works on a simple day rate or half day rate.

The premise is simple, give me a list of jobs to do and let me go. I’ll work hard and look for solutions and workarounds so that we can get as much ticked off as possible.

I travel by bike with a trailer and have a good set of tools and basic sundries. Any specific materials we can work together to get bought beforehand.

Normally with just a list and photos and videos I can see what needs doing and suggest how long we’ll need.

Please get in touch via my Facebook page


Do you do wallpapering and/or painting woodwork please? We have a ladder you could use, would you be able to sand and paint windowsills on the first floor?


I’ve not done lots of wallpapering, but sanding down and painting woodwork I can certainly help with, how much have you got to get painted and what state is it in at present?