Offer - Nintendo 64 with some games


I’ve found a Nintendo 64 at the back of a cupboard complete with controllers, cables and a few games - Super Mario (of course!), Zelda, NFL Quarterback Club 98 and a Superman platform one.

If anyone fancies some retro game playing, let me know and it’s yours.

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Hi, I would love to take it off your hands - thank you!!


Hi, I used to love playing my N64 - would be very grateful if you no longer want it. :slight_smile:


I feel with so many N64 lovers in the area, we should set up a monthly Mario Kart party!

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I think Cherry & Ice in Sydenham did organise an event like this. If i see another advertised shall post details here :grinning:


The first person who PMd is picking it up on Sat for her son but thank you for all the interest!

If I come across anything else fabulous, I’ll let you know!

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I think they do this at the four quarters on Peckham Rye

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Whoever has that Superman game you may as well set it on fire before you get home. One of the hardest/worst games I have ever played. You will never fly through all of the rings.

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