Offer - Removals packaging

Various packaging used during recent move, including brown packaging paper and bubble wrap. Collection today from Forest Hill.

@Becrob was looking for some bubble wrap last week

Ah thank you for thinking of me! I assume O al too late but pls let me know if not.

Still available! Let me know if you’re interested.

Would love the boxes but won’t be able to collect until next Monday evening. Please lmk if that would work x

Hi - Monday the 4th? That would work fine for me! Could one of the moderators enable DM please so I can let you know address details?

I’ve enabled private messages for you @HOP1 - have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I also have around 20 moving boxes to give away, collection from Perry Vale.

Hi - I’m interested in those. Will PM you separately.


@armadillo did you take all of these \ @Honeybadger were there any left, if so I’ll take some if Simon didn’t need all of them.

Thanks both!

Sorry @oakr, I’m afraid I took the lot :grinning:

So greedy some people! :grinning:

Thanks for letting me know Simon - hope you are not moving away!

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