Offered: Cat scratching post house


Does anybody want a large cat scratch amd play centre? Barely used. Already assembled so will have to carry or bring car. 2 seperate scratching posts and bowls to take too if wanted


Hi. Where are you located and can you post z picture?


Can you private message pn here? Dont want to give my address out and can’t seem to post photos


Hi @John_Morrissey and welcome to the forum. I have enabled private messaging for you.

Regarding photos, please click the following button to upload one:


I live in SE6


Hi @John_Morrissey. People commonly give a road which still provides anonymity. For me the question is relevant as without car the two of us would need to carry it.

That aside I think this one is too big for our needs. Thank you for the generous offer and good luck in finding it s new kitty home.

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