Offered free - various items. Take 1 or more. Collection only

I do not like waste of anything still good and that may be of use to someone. I have a bagful of items I do not want/need that I would love to be used by someone else.

1 Dorco Pace 4 blade reusable razor BNIP (brand new in packaging)
1 used but still in good condition Cadbury’s Mini Eggs mug
1 sealed & unused tub of Stockwells Grave granuales with a BBF (best before guidance) date of March 2020
1 unopened box of Waitrose Peppermint Infusion 20 teabags with a BBF date of September 2020
2 x Bombay Bad Boy pot noodles with a guidance/BBF date of July 2020
3 x100g tubs of Infinity select Arabica whole bean instant coffee with an “expiry date” of 07/06/20

If anyone could use and would like either 1 or more of these items, please message me.

Collect this weekend from Shackleton Close SE23/SE26 borders (near Forest Hill library/Derby Hill Crescent/Featherstone Avenue SE23 junction right near Thorpewood Avenue SE26).

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You could try the Lewisham foodbank!


I don’t think Trussell Trust foodbanks will accept out of date food.

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Yes but I cannot deliver so this is a better option for me :+1:

Yes, well, some people would still be happy to use the dried/non fresh items, those especially with best before rather than use by dates. I know I do and would, with these items, IF they were to my liking/useful to me, but they are not so hope they may be useful to others. Agreed, possibly Food Banks etc would not like to pass them on for fear of lawsuits maybe? I must find out sometime. Anyway, if anyone can use them they will let me know. If not, they will be disposed of in a few days.

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Yeah I agree. It’s a shame to throw away food, especially when it’s only just passed a BBE date.

I suspect during the Covid-19 panic phase, people will have stockpiled food that they won’t get around to eating within it’s BBE. Would be a disaster for all this food to go to waste.

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oh good point, sorry I was on mobile and didn’t spot the best before date bit!

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I am a “sniff and see” and use common sense person when it comes to food. Yes, some items it depends on how it has been kept, whether it is fresh, dried etc. but obviously some things you do not want to take a chance on, and do not go (too far) beyond “the date”, if at all, but it has been well documentated lately that use-by or best before dates can be extended sometimes. A lot of the date-thing is to cover asses :smile:
58 years, lots of cooking/eating and not poisoned myself yet :+1:


‘Olio’ is an app designed for the purpose - seems quite good to me


Oh yes, I did download that actually, but forgot I had it. I’ll take a look. Thanks for reminding me Beige :+1:
While on the subject of non wastage of food - there is also an app you can get where you can find out about businesses near you that are selling food cheaper
Too Good To Go :blush:

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