Offered: Hypoallergenic Cat Food


I’ve got 1 x full unopened bag of Hills hypoallergenic dry cat food, 1 x Royal Canin hypoallergenic dry cat food that has been opened but with barely any used and several tins of wet food that we can no longer use. It cost me a small fortune but happy to give it away to anyone who needs it.


Aww does that mean that you have lost your poor moggy? Sympathies if so, from another cat owner. There’s a charity catfood collection point behind the tills at Savacentre/ Sainsbury’s at Bell Green. I can’t remember if it’s the nearest Blue Cross or Cats Protection League, but they must look after cats with similar dietary needs, so I’m sure they’d very much appreciate the donation. :smiley_cat:


Luckily, she’s still with us, but was starving herself on the diet (she’s the fussiest cat on the planet) so we’ve had to look at a different route.

Thank you for the the suggestion. If there are no other takers here I’ll definitely donate there.


Happy to pay you something for the royal canin? We would use it.


I’m happy to see it used, so its yours for free! I haven’t mastered the art of sending PMs yet, so if you can PM me I’ll reply with my address.


@FaeryCatmother, I have just enabled private messaging for you.

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I can’t send a private message to you either I’m afraid - I haven’t bothered to get myself verified, and I think that’s a pre-requisite… @moderators I think I remember seeing that you can enable PMing on a discretionary basis, would you be able to here so we can give some cat food a good home please?


Is it just regular wet food? Would be happy to pick it up from you if still available? Also can’t PM to arrange, but sure it can be enabled for us.


The tarticats thank you for helping find a use for their spare food.


I’ve enabled this for you too, @Stimpy