Offered: Pet medium services


Dear all

I have just moved to HOP and have recently began my pet medium business. I have had spiritual encounters with puppys, gerbils, pigs and budgies from an early age and have decided that now is time for me to share these gifts with the local HOP community (before you ask, I do NOT offer medium services to any cat clients).


This may be a silly question but why not cats ?


Cats don’t listen to anyone!


Lord have mercy on us all!

What you are offering is delusion and delusion leads to madness. For your own sake stop what you are doing and do not trick people. And remember, obtaining money via deceiving means and lie is a crime and can be prosecuted.


Steady on Kat, lets not be judgmental and hot under the collar. I would like to hear what hot-cross has to say.


tries to work out how to watch the thread like mumsnet


Kat, at the end of the day its no different to religion there is no proof, no factual evidence, but it gives people security and good feelings.
There is sn old saying a fool and their money is soon parted!


Well, what is said here about religion may or may not be right, but I would still like to hear what Hot Cross has to say. I do hope all of this cynicism had not frightened Hot Cross away !


Getting a bit heated in here already. One for the @moderators maybe?

Each to their own with things like this.


In fact I am going to add a little heart thingy to the original post, just to offer some encouragement to Hot Cross and let him/ her know that some of us here are inclined to be open minded in spiritual matters.


Seriously curious. How come dogs, rabbits can talk to you once they are dead, if they don’t in real life, or you interpret body language or something?


At last. This is what I am dong my best to find out !


I think we ought to wait for @HOPcrossbun’s response (if he hasn’t been scared away) before posting any more scorn on this topic.

It’s fine to discuss, fine to disagree - but let’s not make things personal and assume any kind of malice here.

Debates are best had in opt-in areas of this site.


indeed Chris


Spot on. Nicely put


Let’s extend the same courtesy to the OP as we would any local business, please and thank you.

(Not aimed at @Thewrongtrousers, that’s just the post I hit reply on!)


I must say my son & I looked at this today & we couldn’t stop laughing!

But we then thought about our late car seriously & wondered why cats are not considered.

Can I ask why please.


I often wonder what happened to my late car and who might be driving her today. The cat is less of a mystery as we buried him in the garden.


:joy::joy::joy: Our car could not be buried as it was too big, but we could bury our cat easily.

Not sure what story both will tell.

Catastrophic feline story I think…


If our two newly rescued kittens continue to scratch the life out of me a medium may well be the only way to contact them soon, obviously not the OP though.