Offered: Pet medium services


Sounds as if you could help @Snazy ‘responsibly dispose’ some of his find today.


Maybe we should scratch & learn, cats eh!


Getting off here as it’s making me laugh too much, night :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I find it all very rude. Weather it is something you believe in or agree with, this is a new person to the forum, is this how we treat people?


Not sure, will ask the kittens :slight_smile:


I bit my tongue, but things like this always provoke strong reactions. If your belief is that mediums basically con people out of money when they are at their most vulnerable, you will try and oppose it. Same for other people conning people out of other money in other ways.

If of course you believe in mediums then it’s a different story but it’s hard for the two sides to reconcile - like an extreme marmite discussion.

Best thing probably would be for the OP to discuss precisely what they offer, but if they want to they will likely have to be prepared to take the questioning that will follow, and anyone who is interested contacts the OP directly.

I am very far on the sceptical side shall we say and feel a bit uncomfortable not saying anything if truth be told.


I wasn’t being rude at all, just making light of a service I’m not sure about.

I’ll leave it there.


I too am puzzled as to why cat owners are excluded (is it cats or their owners that are the problem), especially as in my teens I was a proud owner of a very furry, very slow moving wonky eyed cat. Dusky enjoyed stalking and catching earthworms rather than hunt birds and survived to the grand old age of 18. And also dribbled over everybody and everything.

But presumably there are other pet mediums that will deal with deceased cats and their owners. Anglicans and Roman Catholics have their doctrinal differences so perhaps its not too surprising that different animal mediums will have species that are outside the tent, so to speak.


This is a service much needed in the local area. Good luck !


I am delighted to have received such an enthusiastic response from the local area

Encountering sceptics is part and parcel of being a pet medium. That’s why I received my online accreditation last year, which I am more than happy to show to prospective clients.

I don’t do cats as unfortunately I do not have the right equipment.

For any serious expressions of interest in the area, please PM me. No time wasters please.


I’m genuinely curious and have two questions.
What exactly is the right equipment for a cat?
What kinds of contact do you consider timewasting?


Also, may I ask who you are accredited with - ISM, SNU or ASSMPI?


I would assume something like this.


I would think that a lot of the sceptical comments on here would constitute examples of such contact. My guess is anyone emailing etc with no interest in the service, but just wanting to poke and ask questions.

As for the equipment, I too am interested.


For those who are vulnerable and gullible:

“In 1964, Randi began offering a prize of US$1000 to anyone who could demonstrate a paranormal ability under agreed-upon testing conditions. This prize has since been increased to US$1 million in bonds and is now administered by the JREF. Since its inception, more than 1000 people have applied to be tested. To date, no one has been able to demonstrate their claimed abilities under the testing conditions, all applicants either failing to demonstrate the claimed ability during the test or deviating from the foundation conditions for taking the test such that any apparent success was held invalid; the prize money remains unclaimed. However, in 2015 the James Randi Educational Foundation said they will no longer accept applications directly from people claiming to have a paranormal power, but will offer the challenge to anyone who has passed a preliminary test that meets with their approval.”


Welcome to the area.

In an effort to move this thread along in an open-minded manner, I would love to know about the equipment required for cats. Also, if certain breeds of animals are more receptive/cooperative than others.


I am assuming this is a wind-up.


I certainly thought the post of Lollyandwotsit was a tongue in cheek windup.
I must be very ignorant - in all the places I have ever lived and worked and on all the forums etc of which I have ever been a member, I have never heard or seen anyone looking for pet medium services.
Still, there may yet be an untapped demand.



Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

Under the above legislation we are obliged to advise that:

all demonstrations & private readings must be viewed as for “entertainment purposes” only and as a form of “scientific experiment” and therefore results cannot be guaranteed.

You must be of sound mind and not vulnerable either emotionally or mentally.

You must understand that any person giving a message or conducting a private sitting is expressing their own views and opinions.

You must only attend services or seek a private sitting of your own accord and must not be coerced in any way to take part.

You must understand that any advice given or inferred at any time is open to interpretation, and as such, anything said, which you may act upon is purely your own decision.

Those under 18 must have the permission of a parent or guardian to attend a service or book a private reading and to receive messages.

The person giving you a private sitting will explain what is to take place and ensure that you both fully understand and accept the explanation.


If it appears in the Urban Dictionary…

“Ghost Cat is a widespread phenomenon among cat owners. If you have a “Ninja Cat” ie, you can see your cats, but never hear them, then this is more likely to effect you.
The Ghost Cat phenomenon is basically when you see something move out of the corner of your eye, and believe it to be your cat, only to turn your head and discover nothing’s there…
Also very common when you’re high, or sleep deprived.”

There must be something in it.