Offered: Pet medium services


Or I guess people could just do as they please. Be guided by their own beliefs, and not be mocked or shouted down by others opinions.

We all have our own opinions, I think that is pretty evident now.

Be interesting actually to know how many neigh sayers follow a religion, believe in aliens, agree the moon landings were staged, or any other such things.


I think that, given the size of the universe, there are likely to be aliens somewhere. But I don’t believe that a man has walked on the moon in my lifetime - there is simply no evidence.


I’ve seen many aliens in my time, though not sure if they’re real or not :joy::joy:

On a serious note though I’m not sure if I’m a skeptic here or not!

I seriously believe in fate & karma, but not any religion- not sure what that makes me - maybe bonkers, maybe real - I don’t know.

What I do remember as a youngster (possibly too young in some opinions, around 10yrs old - but I was always strong minded & begged to be present) was my Mum seeing a medium a couple of years after my Dad passed away & being told things that could have related to most people in my young eyes & my Mum completely believing in it. I thought at the time because she wanted too believe in it. I also think it comforted her, but I never believed it myself & thought she paid money to be told what she wanted to hear.

There’s probably good and bad in this type of service depending on how you look at it.


Gosh, you spring chicken @Michael!


Well, I was looking at se23life the other day and I couldn’t believe there was a discussion about the new bins, with photo’s and everything.
And then this thread comes up! I love Forest Hill!


High 5 on loving Forest Hill :raised_hands::raised_hands:


If you’re head of a government department and there is an almighty f-up, then by conventional wisdom you should know about it so either you are failing by allowing it happen or failing by not knowing it happened.

If you are claiming to talk dead animals, then either you can’t and are fraudulently obtaining money or, perhaps you really do hear the voices of dead animals. Which is it?


The flaw in your comment is one of proof and accountability in the case of a government mishap there would be a traceable series of events and evidence to determine the true facts.
Talking to a gerbil, budgie etc can only be assessed by the former pet owner as to the accuracy of any spirit messages.If they find solace and comfort from such messages then they may consider it value for money. If relevant facts and details are revealed such a favourite toys etc it may offer some credence.


No idea whether this is for real - I suspect it is - but there’s an argument for it in that for some, believing they have made contact with a lost loved one (be they of two, four or however many legs) and received words of comfort is tremendously reassuring. It might help with a grieving process, or for closure.

I don’t believe it’s possible myself, but I do believe that just as people are allowed to take comfort from religion, and the belief that a higher power is looking out for them, they should be allowed to believe in the powers of mediums if that’s what they need to believe in. I don’t believe in God, but I don’t laugh at those who do.


Perfect summary @Fran_Payne Nicely put. I think that just about sums up this service.


I just can’t imagine what sort of conversation you can have with a budgie, alive or dead.


Many pet owners hold conversations with their pets. I guess it is just one of those things you have to be a part of to understand.


Would that be a tweet?


The great thing about talking to your pet is they always listen, they never talk back or argue and you can go on and on. Like humans, they can periodically fall asleep though!


I have right equipment to summon cats - just shake a box of Go Cat. Felines can hear that from miles away.


Or open a tin of tuna…


Is there anybody there …


Are you using the right equipment?


I’ve spoken to a number of dead tuna who have a different perspective on what you are suggesting.


Sounds a bit fishy to me.