Offered: Pet medium services


Who keeps tuna as pets?




Piano owners?


If you want to talk to fish, do you just drop them a line?


Stop it you lot, I love a Tuna steak :slight_smile:

Lemon juice, black pepper & a squeeze of lime to go :yum::yum:


Draw the line here guys :joy::joy:


Time to put this thread to bed maybe @moderators?


Let’s allow @HOPcrossbun to decide …


What happened to keeping topics on course. How many times has HCB replied here, twice?

Just my opinion of course, but seems most are just making the thread into a joke thread, not sure how many genuine replies there have been for a while now.


There are times to mod a wandering thread and times to let things fizzle out of their own accord. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it’s an art, not a science. I’m not sure there is such a strong direction of discussion here that people will get frustrated with a few light-hearted comments. Although I’m happy to be told if I’m wrong.